I was reading through several Discussions last night and when I woke up this morning I felt the need to ask this question. I most definitely have a purpose. Mine is to be the "mother" figure to all who need it. Upon reflecting upon my life I realized that this is the role, so to speak, that I have always "played." even as a child. I would love for you all to share your purpose.

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I would say every job I've ever had has been in the service of others. Plus I was the mom that fed all the neighborhood kids lol. I use painting and drawing as therapy myself. I'm asked for advice all the time! 

I think my purpose to do good in the world and make the best impression I can spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I think its to become who I was before so when I do pass on I will return to that state of peace.

It is comforting to know that there are people who aspire to that level of consciousness 

Its not an easy to task to undertake and sometimes I begrudge it because of the challenges it brings. I know in the end I will be united with the spiritual being I am bound to :)

I see my purpose as providing balance where I can.  It's only coincidental that Libra is the major part of my horoscope or that I'm a twin.  LOL!  When I see two apparently opposing ideas, I try to find and point out the idea that includes them both.

I have noticed that about you in other postings you've made! A noble undertaking to be sure. :)

I'm honored to share this experience with you, Diedre.  To nurture and to give support are clearly two of your strong suits, as shown by your own posts.  Your talents are sincerely appreciated.


Cool. I'm Libra and a twin :)

I am married to a libra and have twin boys!

I'm sure that being married to a Libra has its good points (your pictures are all hung perfectly), but it can be frustrating, too (your pictures MUST be hung perfectly).


My mom always said that it was easier being a mother to twins in that we always had a playmate, leaving her more time for herself.  On the other hand, we were more likely to get into mischief if she wasn't looking.  

Good Luck!!


I'll bet you and your twin are a source of fun for all your friends!  I hope your twinship is as rewarding as mine has been.


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