Hay everyone I've got a question for all you pagans out there. Do you work with your gods or do you worship them. For those out there there's a difference. Working with your gods is using them to aid you in your magickal workings like using Aphrodite for love, do you need this kind of energy, you use this deity. Worshiping your gods is actually worshiping them. And, no, I'm not talking about sacrificing animals or anything but giving them offerings and asking them, without any kind of stuff, for their help.


Back during ancient times the people would worship the gods and leave offerings to them. They would visit temples like the one at Delphi and consult the Oracle there and hear the voice of Apollo, telling them their prophecy. They celebrated holiday's connected to that god or goddess and they enjoyed their time with the divine. Now this isn't an attack on Pagans or Wiccans but I would like to know do you work with your gods or worship them.


I do worship the gods and goddess and I do seek their help. I offer them offerings, say my prayers, and recite the hymns that come from Homer. Note on the sacrifice: Their are actual people out there that sacrifice animals to the gods. They are known as the Recons.

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No, and no.


I don't have gods. In my beliefs, the world is teeming with symbolic entities, spirits. Some of these entities might be recognized as gods, but I place them in no higher esteem than the entities of place or meaning around me. I do not venerate or worship any of these beings, they simply are, as am I. We are all equals.


I invite them into my home with offerings befitting their being, as I do to all entities welcome in my home. This practice is not worship, or sacrifice to them, merely a gesture of friendship and good will. Exactly the same good will that I extend to anyone else in my home.


That's my take on the worship angle. YMMV. As always, the voice of a Chaote and Animist.

Thanks for your reply. I know that some people have different views of the gods and entities. It's nice to hear your take on this subject.
Why don't you like the term worship?
Worship use to mean something until the Christians polluted it. Now everyone thinks that it's bad to worship the gods.
I used to worship ...but now as I am viewing Diety differently,I see them as beings to work with...and there has been no discernable difference in the results of my workings since my point of perspective switched....
I think worshiping them is better then honoring them or working with them. That's how the ancients did it and I find nothing wrong with continuing the practice. But to each their own.
I will work with a specific deity if needed, but I SERVE my God and Goddess. They need us as much as we need them, and the energy exchange is all a part of worshipping them. There is a big difference between serving Them, and worshipping Them!
I'm laughing at your post but you do have a point. Your the first to really mention that and I agree with you.

You do realize there are other tradition besides recons that still do animal sacrifice don't you?

I worship my "god" and work with the manidoo it has provided for such things.

Yeah, like voodoo and Santeria
and there are others, less known. Many that raise their own food, slaughter animals in a ritualistic way also.
I serve/worship Brighid, the Celtic goddess of hearth and home (among other things). I do work with other deities when the need arises, but Brighid reached out to me as I have explained in another thread that asked how you came to be pagan. She has provided for and protected myself and my family more times than I care to count. She continues to do so. Every time I think I am about to fall flat on my face in terms of living my life, I find that safety net coming out of nowhere and offering a way out. There were times in my life when I had doubts, they were early on when I was still newly pagan. I found that by relying on her AND working with her (not to mention letting her work through me) I could find a peace of mind and calmness that never existed for me before. I tend to think of myself as sort of a pagan cleric... while I do work with other deities on occasion (usually at her askance), I primarily work with her energy and channel it into all that I do. My spells generally consist of visualization, force of will, and whatever words seem to come to heart and mind. I cast circles with mental visualization as well and rarely need to draw or write anything, though I will now and again for added reinforcement of intent or to seal something into semi-permanence. Discipline and Willpower are my main tools when working anything. On the worship side, I give her thanks whenever I feel her intervention in my life and pray to her in my times of need.


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