Let me start out by saying that I am adopted. So your guess would be as good as mine as to the my exact heritage. The reason I ask this question is because for a long time I struggled with my identity. Placing a lot of importance on "Where did I come from?" What characteristics did I inherit from my biological mother and father? Are there genetic dispositions that will pop up? Also unfortunately my adopted parents didn't end up doing well by me, that is another story in itself. 

So for me, I have come to the conclusion that ultimately we have to choose what type of person we are, we can't fall back on "Well I'm this way because I inherited those genes or I was raised that way!" When I realized that I didn't have to be shackled by inheritance, I could be myself! I felt released! I can choose to be whomever I want!

What about you? 

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It's beautiful, how proud you are of your heritage! I do agree with you about the modern way of life, it is very stressful! Sometimes I wonder if technology has caused more harm then good in the scheme of things.

I wonder that also, Diedre. But then I also acknowledge that my doubts may be brought into more sudden focus the next time I have to go to the ER ... lol

Lol, no scooby doo? now I'm confused!

Heritage and magick, hmmm. Got booted from another forum for suggesting I had learned much from the Tao but was uncomfortable with such a different culture. I had gotten much of what I know from Shamanism but saying things like enlightenment is not to be found in a book it's an experience. I practice European Ritual Magick if the need arises. Yea guess it's my roots


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