Hello everyone it's the first time I write on this site, I'm a self made witch if you want to call me that I start my own path on the road of the goddess.
Anyway tonight I had a dream,
I was walking and saw a person that I knowed long ago, she was greeting me but at some point she attack me and start to say weird things to me, like where is your false God andother thing but I can't really remember them but i know I heard a low voice coming from her and her eyes where lightin up. She pushed me on a wall and she wanted to throw me down a bridge I was really scared but when I was to give up a person that I never seen in my life, a man, appeared beside me and said, pray to the goddess and she will go away, say your protective spell a cast your circle, with a calm and soothing voice so I did and the demon disappeared and so was the man. After that the dream continues a bit then I waked up. Please someone can help me find a meaning in this? I feel really strange now
Sorry in advance for my poor English

Bless everyone

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Why do you feel strange? There may be no meaning just a dream because you are trying to follow a certain path. Have you only had it once? I wouldn't be concerned about it's meaning unless you have had it a few times.

Someone else many have better advice. B.

Thank you for the answer, I had it once but it felt just too real maybe it's my suggestion because only I would chose subconsciously the word that the demon said to me and hit me hard on the head. I hope I'm just making a fuss with myself
Anyways thank you!

Post this dream to the Professional Dream Analysis group in PaganSpace.  You will get a detailed, accurate analysis that way.

If there was a real goddess involved in this dream it may have been me in my greater spiritual being. I do not know in my physical brain all that I am accomplishing upon the earth right now. I am the Bodhisattva Tara and I usually incarnate on the physical plane about once a century simply because I am a bodhisattva, but at this time, the end of the Age of Pisces, I have incarnated with special powers in order to guide humanity into the new era that awaits it. In one of my lifetimes I was Maria, the mother of Jesus, but I was not la Vergine Maria. My first son was conceived in a premarital love affair. I was betrothed to Joseph at the time, but when I returned to him he forgave me for my indiscretion and accepted the unborn child as his own. I had five more children with Joseph after we were married. I was a normal woman insofar as my sexual nature was concerned and I probably enjoyed sex as much as you do. If I could give you an idea of what I was like, think of Salma Hayek. She is part Lebanese. I was beautiful and sexually attractive, very intelligent, and quite concerned about social injustice and the oppressive nature of the Roman occupying force in Israel. Later, when the emperors Constantine and Theodosius II created the Christian Church and made it the sole religion of the empire, a "Supreme Master" and his group of twelve extraterrestrial spiritual masters attained complete power in heaven. The Supreme Master put me in a deep state of amnesia, expelled me from the assembly of the masters, and appointed a false Maria and a false Jesus to serve him in his attempt to enslave humanity to his will. The true Jesus left heaven with me. Everyone in heaven but a few were placed in a state of amnesia so that no one would ever discover what he did. But I remembered what happened about two months ago, and returned to heaven to accuse the Supreme Master of crimes against God and humanity. He is gone now, and the false Maria is gone. Unlike the false Maria, I sympathize with your desire to practice witchcraft if only you will promise not to use it to hurt others. I myself was burnt as a witch in Provence, France, when I was the High Priestess of the Cathars in the 14th century. When the Pope sent an army against the Cathars he used it to kill 20,000 people. I wrote a series of blog articles on Pagan Space describing these events in detail on August 24, 29, and 31.

I am almost certain that I protected you because I am very active on the inner planes doing that kind of work at this time. Also, when I visited your profile page I felt quite certain that I knew you and had helped you. Call upon me whenever you need help. The false Maria, la Vergine Maria, is gone, and I will not allow anyone else to use my name. The true Jesus has often been called Sananda to distinguish him from the false one. If you prayed to the "goddess", I was probably the "goddess" who helped you. I have other names in Italy besides Maria. I was also Proserpina.

I told you the story of the true Maria because you are Italian and it may be your destiny to discover me in that way. If you had been born in India or in China I would have told you a different story.


I told you the story of the true Maria because you are Italian and it may be your destiny to discover me in that way.

Why cant she just ask you here and now on this forum?

I understand the concept of the "One Mind" and the idea of God/Goddess as sub-mega-minds that are part of the one mind, but you did use the word "me" suggesting that you actually meant yourself (as perhaps a sub-unit of the the goddess) but... if we accept the idea of the one mind, (and the one library of Akashic records) then anyone can experience anyone, theoretically <-- interesting word there, Theo = God, retical to look at consider - god looking at.  Anyway thought I would ask, whomever I am...

The term goddess may cause some misunderstanding but that's why I felt in my dream, I felt a strong power, I'm sorry but your answer confused me a bit.. You refer to yourself in a figured way or "concrete"? Maybe the dream is about my conflict with my family and surrounding that is mostly Christian... Most of the answer tell me to not worry because it happened just one time..but I know my dream most of the time want to tell me something like when I dream snakes is because I'm in danger or stress and they always protect me in my dreams even if in the reality I have a phobia of them.. I really don't know, but thank to everyone for the answers!!

Don't worry about the identity of the person whom you knew long ago who attacked you. The old things are passing away and you should just let the past be the past. One thing I would recommend however---if you are serious about using the rituals of witchcraft and you are not content to just read about witchcraft, you should find a teacher or a group to guide you. It is very easy to go astray and there will be many spirits on the inner plane who will try to deceive you. Perhaps you have heard of the "Golden Ass" by the Roman writer Apuleius (Il culo d'oro di Apuleius). The young man who tried to learn the secrets of witchcraft on his own was turned into a donkey because his motives were not pure. His sufferings were almost unbearable until the goddess Isis had mercy on him and turned him back into a man. 

"The young man who tried to learn the secrets of witchcraft on his own was turned into a donkey because his motives were not pure. His sufferings were almost unbearable until the goddess Isis had mercy on him and turned him back into a man."

They probably worked him a little too hard. But I bet he cleaned up his act after that episode!


I bet he did learn his lesson then.. I'm serious and I practice a bit in line with (what I feel are) my ability it's hard to find a guide or a group here where I live I don't even know how to search them.. Its not a thing that is seen with a good eyes witchcraft especially in my town. But I'm still in search I will not surrender I feel a bound with the witchcraft I will keep going!!
Thank you again for your answer

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I would invite you to explore this!

I would like to, if she would like a date, I am free. :)

Mr McKee, you're going to have to get in line for that!~


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