Due with Baby Girl #2 in One Week!! Need name help, Please.

MM all. I'm sure this subject has been beaten to death in the forums, but could really use some help here.

Our first daughter is named Piper Selene (as in the Moon Goddess) and we've settled on Paige for this baby's first name, but can't settle on a middle name. I'd like to keep with the celestial deity theme. The hardest part is going to be selling it to my husband. ;)

And no, I didn't name them after the Charmed Characters, but it is an interesting coincidence, no?

Thank you all so much for your help. Blessed Be.


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my grandaughter's name is Paegen Hallow, the hallow is for scared ground, I know it doesn't go along with the stars, but hallow ground is good for balance. grounding her to earth while her mind and heart are in the stars.
I vote for that one

Estelle (star)




.... and here is a list I found online - Good Luck!


You really named your first kid "Piper" ?

Yes, really...

PIPER is a kick ass olde Irish name,actually......
Liliana. I think it has a cute ring to it.

Sorry it's been so long, but I thought I'd let you all know we decided on Aria Paige. Thanks to everyone for your input! Blessed Be )0(

dont use a middle name :p 


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