So I've been reading quite a bit recently on evolution. I've been a firm believer in it for years, but found whenever the subject was brought up I really could not back up my beliefs. Not being a person to follow something blindly, as well as a Biology Education major, I decided to grab a few books on the subject and dive in.  The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins is probably my favorite, and the most accessible and recent to anyone interested.  


Anyway, something I quickly noticed was there seem to only be two groups in the debate: Christians, and Atheists, because the main opposition to evolution is of course creationism.  Most of the anti-evolution literature and arguments come from Christians, though this may be due to the fact that I live in America where Christianity and Christian values still seem dominant.  


But the whole reason for this post is I'm curious to see what the Pagan community has on this subject.  Do you believe life on Earth (and possibly anywhere else) simply happened? Or do you have your own version of creationism? Have you not heard enough to properly judge? 


Ask away with any questions, I'll do my best to answer. 

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I'm in between creationism and evolution, but more leaning towards evolution. I always like scientifically based stuff, but my brother always comes back at evolution with something Christians have proved to be wrong with evolution.
In total honesty, I don't care. However life came to be, so be it. I don't think HOW we were created is as important as WHY we were created. And that's too personal of an answer to apply to everyone anyway.
Completely understandable, and it's actually kind of refreshing to find someone that's not one on one extreme or the other.  It seems to be about all I encounter.
Yeah, to me creation was the moment that everything came into being (assuming there was a beginning) and evolution is just a part of the series of the universe following the creation/beginning. So even though it's not the Christian definition of "Creationism," I believe in both at the same time. No incompatibility here.
love this video!
I am on the fence about the details of the spark, weather the divine started the events in motion or not, I believe that life evolved from other creatures in the past.
That seems to be the hardest thing for scientists to prove, or even theorize.  We know that when phospholipids (the molecules that make up cell membranes) are in near each other they will automatically line up into sacs, which are essentially empty cells. But as far as I know, there's nothing on how DNA molecules came to be.

for creation to turn out as perfect as it did it had to have been a long process over millions of years.... if we just appeared there are a million things that could of went wrong...


it makes sense to me that life started out with basic creatures that evolved over a long time to get to where we are now.

the oldest records of li

Creationism is not interested in anything but elevating itself by whatever means, fair or foul... It is a highly distorted fundamentalism. And of course the creationist admits the lie of their own argument every time they step on an airplane. They don't only fly on planes piloted by devote Christians who pray every time the plane takes off to make sure god is in a good mood and wont drop them into the ocean. Creationism wins every time it is given enough credibility to argue about. 


There is no conflict between science and spirituality. That conflict is fabricated for political reasons. There is plenty science does not yet know or even has wrong, but everyone (Christian fundamentalists included) acknowledges science every time they fly, get in a car and trust that when their light is green the other is red, etc. etc. etc. The denial of science is absurd when every person depends on and believes in it every single day.

Personally I tend to side with evolution, although I don't proclaim to know anything for certain. But my question for Christians has always been "why couldn't God be responsible for evolution?". Of course many of them take the whole creation story of 7 days literally, but it also states later in the Bible about how time is different for God than it is for us. (which they like to conveniently ignore) I'm not sure exactly what to believe because there are so many possibilities, but I can't rule out either theory completely. Evolution has evidence in our own bodies (we have a tailbone and no tail, and our appendix which now does nothing used to help process raw meat), but it's also hard to imagine all of this complicated world being a totally random sequence of events. That's probably the ex-Christian coming out it me, but I like to think there's some sort of design to things.
Interesting. A few days ago my brother was telling me about how the vestigial legs on some snakes and the hip bone in whales are used in reproduction, and how scientists once thought these anatomical structures werevbirtually useless and were proof of evolution, but now they know better. He uses this to disprove evolution altogether...a rather presumptuous move, in my opinion.


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