so i was wondering if anyone would like to share their favorite exercise to do when you are rooting


i like to root then focus energy into my right hand

place my hands infront of me like about to do a prayer

then seperate my hands and feel the energies jump from one hand to the other


what do you like?

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Milly says that when she was alil more actuve she would use the same techique

the other night (and by that i mean last night) i read about something called a psi-ball i was interested so i gave it a try and actually was able to focus energy to become a blurry space between my hands....I am real excited i want to see if i can perfect it
Sounds like chi manipulation. People can heal others with those chi-balls (psi-balls, ki-balls, whatever), so I've heard. I haven't done it, nor seen it done, just heard of it. Feel free to look more closely, and possible prove me wrong...
i will thanx for the imput

I really like your exercise! I might try that next time I need to. I usually visualize myself as part of the universe and a beam of light (color usually coinciding to what I need) coming down to me. I release it in the same way but I let the energy flow out of me to where it is needed. Another way I have used was by visualizing I am a tree and my roots sink into the ground and I receive the necessary energy from nature.
yeah i have heard of those actually i use the tree one to ground

i wanted for ppl to post what they did once the got energy:)
ohhh lol... hmmmm

well something fun I do is I rub my hands together really fast and then slow down to a stop. I then pull my hands apart very slowly. At that point I can feel warm energy and I mold it into a ball, sometimes I try to make it really big, but when I am done I give it out as energy to the spirits around me. (the good ones no bad ones lol) I think its fun to do because I can feel the energy and all :)
o awsome that sounds like a great excersize im ganna try it out next time
Exercise?? I ride 25 to 30 miles. Helps me stay really calm and grounded. :D
Well i guess to each his own Chunk....not one for excersise
Oy! I need help in this area, so I will be watching this thread. Thanks for asking this question....
are you new or have you just not tried excersises like this b4?
No, it's me. They only work for short periods of time. Empathic gifts that get in the way of functioning sometimes. I have tried rooting meditations, energy shields, energy work of various types, vedic diets, and running/kickboxing to rid myself of the continual excess energy I have. Still, I sometimes get dizzy when around extreme emotions, really dizzy. I still have trouble sleeping, I sometimes get sick, etc. So, I am looking into Tai Chi. I would really love to learn.


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