The FDA has announced that they have recommended that Darvon/Darvocet be banned. The decesion was made after it was determined that several hundred people over the course of a year had committed suicide by overdosing on their prescribed pain killer Darvon.

This is my problem with this type of "knee jerk" reaction to ban or make illegal something based on illegal usage of the substance. Millions of arthritis sufferers use this medication daily and find it a viable means to cope with the pain of a disease that leaves many unable to do even the simplest of things like use a phone or keyboard.

There are thousands of people who commit suicide but we don't go and banned the "modus operandi" of the crime. That would be like, banning the sale of razors because someone slits their wrist with it, or rope because someone hangs themselve, or aspirin or tylenol etc., etc. etc.

Does anyone else see a problem with this type of logic? What's to stop them from banning other medications for the same reason?

Here is one article on this discussion topic, published by Yahoo,

From Yahoo News:

FDA panel recommends ban on the painkiller Darvon
Fri Jan 30, 6:09 pm ET

WASHINGTON – Government medical advisers Friday recommended a ban on Darvon, a prescription medicine that's been used to treat pain for more than 50 years but left a trail of problems such as addiction and suicide.

A Food and Drug Administration advisory panel voted 14-12 to recommend withdrawing Darvon after a daylong hearing examining its risks and benefits. The FDA is not required to follow the recommendations of its advisers, but often does so.

Darvon was first approved in 1957, when there were few alternatives for treating pain except aspirin and powerful narcotics. Now mainly marketed as Darvocet, which includes a dose of acetaminophen, the drug remains one of the top 25 most commonly prescribed medications. More than 20 million prescriptions were written in 2007.

The consumer group Public Citizen had petitioned the FDA to withdraw Darvon because the drug offers relatively weak pain relief and poses an overdose risk, with the potential to be used in suicides.

"With a drug that has almost no evidence of benefit, any risk is unacceptable," said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, a drug safety expert with Public Citizen who first sought a ban in the 1970s. "Hopefully the FDA will follow the vote of its advisers."

Two companies that market the drug — Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals and Qualitest/Vintage Pharmaceuticals_ say the medication is safe and effective when used as directed. In documents filed with the FDA, the companies said doctors need a range of options to treat pain, and noted that many other painkillers have become drugs of abuse — some with far worse consequences.

Dr. Jerry Avorn, a professor of medicine at Harvard and a critic of the pharmaceutical industry commended the FDA for taking a hard look at Darvon.

"I have been astonished at how widely used this drug is," Avorn said. "It's no longer the most abusable and most dangerous drug in its class, but the fact that there are worse drugs doesn't make Darvon a good drug."

The United Kingdom banned its version of Darvon in 2005. If the FDA decides not to follow suit, it may take other steps, such as requiring stiffer warnings, safety studies or special education efforts aimed at doctors and patients.

Wolfe said he is recommending that the drug be withdrawn gradually, because some patients have become dependent on it.

In an analysis prepared for the hearing, the FDA's safety office said it had searched the agency's database of reported drug problems, but the result was "insufficient" to allow reviewers to make a clear-cut recommendation. The safety office found more than 3,000 reports of serious problems. The top three were suicide, drug dependence and overdoses.

In a separate analysis, the FDA office that handles painkillers said Darvon is a weak pain reliever. Most studies show that in Darvocet, the widely used combination drug, the Darvon component appears to contribute "little or no" additional pain relief beyond that provided by the acetaminophen component, reviewers said.

Wolfe presented the advisory panel with new data from the government's Drug Abuse Warning Network, which tracks emergency room visits and deaths. It said that Darvon-related deaths rose to 503 in 2007, from 446 in 2006. In both years, about 20 percent were suicides. The network covers only about one-third of the U.S. population.

Data from Florida's medical examiner reporting system showed that in 2007 Darvon was present in the bodies of 341 people who died of any cause. Medical examiners identified it as the cause of death in 85 cases.

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They have also taken all enzymatic wound debriders containing Papain off the market. I am not even sure whu they did this. Now, all we can use is Santyl, which I am sure makes the makers of Santyl happy. I don't know why they do half the stuff they do. You can overdose on Tylenol too. It might take a little longer to kill ya by means of liver failure. Thousands of people die yearly due to MS Contin and Oxycontin overdoses, long acting narcotic pain killers. DO they take them off the market....? They are just crazy, I don't understand them at all.
This sucks. My friend takes Darvocet because of pain. Nothing else works for her. >_> She's like a freak of nature. XD I wonder what she's going to do now. T_T
well, recommending a ban, and actually banning something are two different things.

without more information, it's hard to render an effective opinion.

Perhaps, however, there are now painkillers out there that are as effective as Darvon complex and are as not as readily abusable or safer. Darvon has been around for a really long time, perhaps it's time has passed.
Any that I have seen are actually worse, more subject to abuse and more dangerous as far as risk of death, either intentional or not. I am not sure why they do these things. As I said, the long acting morphines are much more deadly.
Ugh. Yeah, this just goes right into the bin with all the other stupid, senseless junk the FDA does. It's like they don't even take a full minute to think about the actual facts about a certain medicine and its effects.
Time to write some letters I say, They have take away almost all of the arthritis Meds of the Market, and now the only one I can take is Darvocet for the pain. I hope they plan on hiring someone to come to my home or office and Do my Damned Job that pay's them their Freaking Salaries or maybe I will let the Government take care of me off theirs.

Think it's time for our New President to get a Letter from ME

I'm right in there with you Lady Tea. I've been taking it "as needed" for several years. My right thumb no longer bends and is curved to the left. Some days, when I've used my hands a lot or been on my feet for long periods that nothing will take the pain away, but the darvocet lessens it and is very affordable. I don't want to use a stronger pain medicine for fear that later in life there'll be nothing to make the pain subside.
Darvocet sucks anyway! I ate a crap load after my root canal and I'm still here. How many do you have to take to overdose anyway? It must be a lot!

I think we should all come equiped with a morphine drip!!!!!
Char, you in the Nursing field, so was my mom for 47 years. I am epileptic and take more powerful Drugs to keep my Seizures away that can do folks in, in a heart beat. Well I don't see them taking those off Market, as well as the fact I'm allergic to most Pain Med's, and the ones we could use they already snatch up and took off Market. I would love to know there Stats on these so called Numbers they are using to justify this. I would be happy to present them with the real so called Numbers they need, and the Gun factory's and Arms Dealers and Drug Lords Kill more then any Darvocet ever thought of. Your right m'lady, this is a CROCK!!


PS: LionGoddess, I'm Allergic to Morphine and Codeine along with many others! So This is no joking matter for us who need this to help us on days that we get bad Flare ups. And the Pain is so bad you wish you just get up must less kill yourself! Life is is to damn precious to the most of us.
Oxycontin when chewed , crushed and snorted , parachuted , or injected completely defeats the time release . When used by those who would for "recreation" this drug is as if not more addictive than heroine and in certain illegal usages are interchanged or mixed .
Oxcy's are known as rich mans heroine , I wonder why .
I had a guy overdose and die after ingesting 2 tylenol every two hours for 2 days...he went into renal failure and died...It's not so much the quantity sometimes as the medicine...and how long it takes to disolove in yer system. I've seen my fair share of charcoal (yuck) and nose hoses (as I call them) put down into folks after swallowing too many pills. They usually live to do it again. As Char says there are a whole bunch of other med's that are more common to overdoses...such as antidepressants...the most common offender...
After working at a closed door pharmacy, (pharmacy that fills scripts for nursing home patients). There are so many residents that I truly feel sorry for. And these doctors just write more and more scripts for these people with so many pills these little people have to take.
But I don't think that taking stuff off the market results in anything, but another company getting the business that fills that spot where the old meds was.
The FDA is a legal drug pusher of what stuff they want to push on people dangerous or not to humans. As long as they can make money for awhile before people begin to be sick, they are okay with it. Just look at what they do approve. I know some drugs help alot of people regardless of side effects because nothing else works, but to keep from getting dry eyes you can get TB, eye ulcers? Or types of lymphomas and cancers to treat something? Why do they make a drug that can help someone, but cause a disease even worse than the one they are trying to treat? Very cruel to me with the "science" they say they are using to make these drugs.


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