Now I've read discussions where people have attacked people that they like to call Fluffy Bunnies. Now personally when I started down this path in 1992 I didn't even hear of that term, fluffy bunnies. Now I hear it all the time. I personally think that we need to stop attacking people that we don't agree with and focus on our own practice. I think there is way to much policing of Wicca then I'm comfortable with.


We need to trust that the God and Goddess will show them what their doing wrong and they'll end up being productive members of the Pagan community. I also can't stand the word wannabe. I was accuse of being a wannabe because, and only because, I have a Harry Potter poster. Oh and I don't like Laurie Cabot! When does not liking someone constitute being a wannabe. I didn't like it that Laurie said that there was no such thing as Wicca and that there was no such thing as a Wiccan.


Give me a break!


Anyway, he got on my channel and saw my poster and instantly I'm a wannabe even though I've been a practicing pagan for 19 years. I'm going back and re-learning everything because back in 92 there really wasn't a ton of books, not like now, about Wicca. I want to read everything and experience everything. If that makes me a fluffy then I'm a fluffy. I do believe in balance and I do believe that you can't ignore the dark and focus on the light.


There is nothing wrong with healing someone or to make someone feel better. If you were evil and liked to hurt someone then your a bad person. Anyway, I say lets stop attacking the fluffies and let them either leave or grow up.

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Fine and wonderful to make aome spagetti and wine! Have a grande eve! like i always say,love me,hate me and/or my path or not. i dont care.......I am MY biggest fan,what counts....

I have to say, I don't fully understand this Flubby Bunny stuff. Granted there may be some that might take it to an "extreme" but this would only be my intepretation of what "extreme" is. I rather choose to accept it as someone's personal style, it may be a bit over the top for my taste but I don't feel the need to look down on it.


Additionally, I've said before and I'll say it again - a Witch knows another Witch, with that being said there's a distinction between someone dressing a bit over the top (and only from each of our own perspectives) and those just pretending to be something they are not. In the end I say let them do their thing, if they're pretending to be something they're not - it'll be there for all the world to see.

heres my thought....everyone is a fluffy bunny in somebody elses eyes. the only time i refer to someone as a fluffy bunny is when someone is trolling or just saying...."oh i can do so and so too" when they have no clue what im talking about.  but frankly i havent used that term in over a year.

i do think and it seems too many people have issues with trusting people they dont the blazes can someone grow and learn from others if they think they are fake? you know what i mean.

but some people are know it alls and apparently no one but them can state an opinion.

shrugs...i just ignore them.

SOME people are NEVER fluffy bunnys.I simply HATE that term......

so never once in your life have you been a hypocrite or followed something blindly?

HOW is being a hyprocrite or following something blindly equate with being a FLUFFY BUNNY,CYE? Where do you see the correlation?

I have no words. I have no opinion of this conversation, I just wanted to let it be known that even fluffy bunnies want to contribute even though I have no idea what the term actually means in my sarcastic use of it.

I was called a fluffy bunny by someone with a superiority complex. Self righteous people exist within every philosophy and/or religion. Calling me a fluffy bunny didn't hurt me in the least. I embraced it because I know I am not. 


This is a matter of the ignorant vs the willfully ignorant, fluffy bunnies are the latter.

The reason I support people who do not use restraint in dealing with the willfully ignorant is because it is vital to the survival of the occult as a valid practice in the modern age,


Go to any so called "occult book store" or the occult or new age section of any chain book store, I guarantee you that what you're likely to find is about as well written, informed and enlightening as the books you would find in a book store dedicated to creationism and christian fundamentalism.

I know of only one reasonably quality store in my whole country


The point is when people who have a vague interest in the occult but no real knowledge go looking for books, the majority of what they'll find is absolute tripe, I mean WORSE than Silver Ravenwolf in many stores I've visited her books are quality in terms of quality compared to the rest.  


When you go on the net things get better but now you have to sift through an absurd amount of information and there is absolutely ZERO quality control.


Every peddler of misinformation is chipping away at the validity and public respect for what we do, I frequently see the attitude of "I don't care what anybody thinks of me" to which I reply, grow the hell up. That is a teenager's attitude, I'm not saying change your life and interests to suit the agenda of your society, there is a difference between bowing to your culture and having concern for the image of your community.

Image, quite frankly is VERY at the forefront of many pagan's minds, I see no shortage of threads full of people flying into a fiery outrage every time a christian movement makes some public statement painting us in a bad light, so obviously you CARE about our image as a community as well you should.


At the moment the public image of the occult/pagan community is primarily influenced by; peddlers of misinformation, conspiracy theorists espousing everything from aliens building pyramids to lizard people controlling the Earth, Con artists/celebrity mediums, schizophrenics and teenagers going through it as a phase.


Frankly I can't see having our public image influenced like this as having a positive effect, either on our ability to openly and freely practice or encouraging interest without the burden of having to remove preconceptions. 


The point I'm coming to is unrelenting attack on willful peddlers of misinformation is very important if we want our community to survive and thrive.


And if you're concerned about peoples precious feelings...well I'm revealing my inner geek here but ST The Next Generation had a great quote for this:

"If you can't take a bloody nose, go home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid." ~Q



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