Hey folks.

I've been putting something together for a few years now. I'm interested in starting a group of like-minded pagans in Southern Georgia. I have yet to see any sort of coven or group in the Newnan/Fayetteville/Peachtree City area but when I was a kid I knew many pagans that were wandering lone paths.

Before I go into any great detail, I'm curious as to how many people would be interested in this.

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Too far a drive for me. You might want to consider posting in GA Pagans as well. 

I am in Fairburn & if I already knew a few members of the group would join, but currently I am working two jobs so I don't really have much time for actual social events. An online coven would be great for me right now...that didn't sound to hermitty did it? :D


Seriously, I think its a good idea. I've never met any pagans in this area before.

that didn't sound to hermitty did it?

Kind of.

Ok...I confess...I am indeed a hermit.

Haha I know all about the tight work schedule. Between that and the ice storms I have only just gotten back to my post on this... I was thinking of establishing a group of interested individuals online and then working out a good bookstore or something to meet at once we are all comfortable. If you read this thread and are interested, look up the group called Soul Diagnostics and join up. The group content is embsrrassingly incomplete but you should get an idea of what the group is about. It will go beyond the activity of a conventional coven.

Well, apparently we are as deep into the bible belt as you can get. Doesn't look like there is more than one or two people even slightly interested. Maybe someday there will be more :)

For now I'm scrapping this idea.

That's not south ga

It's South and West of Atlanta. Still considered South of ATL. For example, if you go on Craig's List anything in this area is considered "otp south".

Nope still not south ga

Hrmm lol. I see what this is. Strictly speaking, if you divide the State of Georgia into 4 quadrants, or even two halves horizontally, the area in question is still South of the meridian. Perhaps you mean it is not "Southernmost" ga.

You must be as bored as I am to pick this to troll over lol :P

Yep, its still not south ga.

You're the margarine of evil, the diet coke of evil, quasi-evil, just one calorie


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