German teachers argue for teaching Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' in schools

First rerun of Hitler's manifesto in 70 years to be published in an annotated version with historic commentary.
Ofer Aderet
19.12.2015 | 22:31

Teachers and politicians in Germany want a new, annotated version of Adolf Hitler's book "Mein Kampf" included in the country's school curriculum.

The January publication of the new version of the book, which Hitler wrote in the 1920s, will be the first in 70 years. Publication was made possible by the expiry of copyright on the book, held by the government of Bavaria, which previously prevented publication of reruns of the book.

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Bingo. Jews get paid for that.

I attended a major US university and took a class on Nazi Germany in my sophomore year. We spent the entire time reading Nazi propaganda and Mein Kamp while watching hours of actual reels from occupation to liberation and umpteen slide presentations of still photos and documents. That was many years ago and that class was taught for years before and after I came along. I don't recall hearing of any of the thousands of students who took that same class becoming anti-Semites and fomenting another attempt at a holocaust in the dorms.


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