Are there any Dutch individuals here who would like to share their practices and traditions from their heritage? I'm studying my ancestry and the two answers I get on origin of my mothers name is Dutch meaning bold, daring (Koen) and a possible derivative of Cohen which is supposedly hebrew for priest. And of course my fathers name was Carriger so if anybody has any ideas for that origin it would be greatly appreciated, I'm thinking Gaelic or possibly also Germanic specifically Irish or Scottish, ideas? :)

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I don't know if he's actually Dutch, but I know Rob Chapman is our resident Pow-Wow and Braucherei expert (it's got roots in Dutch/Germanic traditions, if I recall correctly).  You might ask him, if he's still around.

Oh?  That's sad.  I liked Rob.  Jehros, you could run a search on PS for articles about Braucherei.  (And yeah, I'm aware the PA Dutch = German, and I'm not sure either which tradition the OP is looking for.)

The Hebraic priestly caste is a genetic family, the Kohanim, specific to males carrying the Cohen Modal Haplotype (CMH) gene. 

The Jewish family names, thought to carry these genes, of the heritages you mention would include:

The German: Kohn, Cohn, Kogen, Korn, Kuhn, Kahn, Cön/Coen, Katz (a Hebrew abbreviation for Kohen Zedek (כהן צדק) i.e. "righteous priest")

The Dutch: Cohen, Käin, Kohn, Kon, Cogen

In Gaelic, Carriger would be an alteration of Carraher, which itself is an Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Fhearchair 'son of Fearchar.

Good luck!


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