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Infinite Blessings to All of You throughout the New Year of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance, 
Steven Hutchinson 

Give Your Dreams To The Universe...By Ann Albers

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Happy New Year to you! Those of you on this list know our belief - that in every breath you begin a new year, a new moment, a new life, a new you! That said, we understand that as human beings you need mileposts and markers – times in your life to pause, reflect, recalibrate, and resurrect the light from within!

Take a few moments before the new year to ponder this question... "In exactly one year from now, what do I want my life to look like?" Who will be in it? How will I feel? What will my body be like? Take time dear ones and really allow yourself to be completely honest with you! If you could wave a magic wand, what would your life be like this time next year?

Now, get out a piece of paper and write upon it your wishes. I want to be healthy. I want to lose weight. I want to be more flexible, tolerant, and kind. I want to resolve my unpleasant feelings with a certain person whether the healing is inside or out. I want a new home. I want to feel safe and secure in my finances. I want to take a glorious vacation. I want to find ways to make my body feel vital and alive. I want a new career that makes me feel abundant, expressed. and appreciated. I want to learn a new skill...

Keep going. Make sure each and every item on the list makes your heart leap with joy as you think of having it.

Next, take time and with each item, really imagine that you are at this time next year and that thing or condition is in your life. Imagine it deeply. Feel it. Repeat this exercise until you actually have taken the time to feel deeply each and everything that you want as if it is already here. Your imagination may be a bit rusty but if you keep at it, you will bring it – and your creative powers that enlist the assistance of the entire universe – to life!

Now put your list away in a special place – perhaps a pretty envelope in a drawer, upon your alter, or under a beautiful piece of art! Be creative. 

As the year approaches, every single time you think of anything on that list, without exception, your only job is to say to yourself...

"There's no need to worry. The universe is working on all my dreams. I simply have to enjoy my days and honor my guidance. My life unfolds in perfection. I trust that the Creator of Universes can fulfill all my heart's desires."

There you go dear friends! You have set the entire universe in motion to fulfill your dreams! Print that affirmation out. Carry it with you. Repeat it often. And then, at this time next year, take out your lists and be amazed at the miracles that have been created in your life!

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy joyous celebration of life's ability to be recreated anew! 

God Bless You! We love you so very much. 
-- The Angels

Video - "2019 Angel Card Reading" By Melanie Beckler

Ann's Message .....

Hi Everyone,

I love those angels! Years ago they had me do a similar exercise – writing everything down and then looking back. I was indeed amazed. Nearly everything on the list had come in some fashion or another.

We work so hard to "make" things happen. We over-think our strategies. We do what we learned. We analyze things to death. In reality, reality can be so much easier! 

As the angels like to say, "Set the universe in motion and get out of the way!"

We set it in motion by being honest about our desires and imagining how they'd feel in their fruition. We get out of the way by focusing on anything joyful in the here and now and then honoring our guidance, also known as our heart's desires!

When I wanted a house years ago I didn't do tons of research or worry about when, how, how much. I set a budget, made my list of wishes and waited. I drove around when I had the urge, found a house that didn't quite suit me and waited ... until the Realtor in that house sent me a list of other houses and the one I currently live in and love was on the top of the list.

When I wanted to get my work out to the world, I set the intent and waited. Years later, the means to get it on the web on video appeared right in front of me. 

When I wanted to figure out how to find time to work massive overtime during the holidays while at the same time enjoying them I imagined everything flowing with grace and ease and just honored my heart. Everything flowed delightfully!

When I wanted to forgive people in the past who had been fairly horrible to me I stopped "trying" and just allowed myself my feelings while praying and imagining what this peace would feel like, and little by little I woke up feeling more compassion until I was able to hear the angels tell me the pain that motivated them.

May 2019 be the year you give up struggles, enlist the universe's assistance, and enjoy your lives as the magic unfolds

Here are some pointers to embrace the angels exercise this week and therefore a miraculous new year!

1. Make your list

Take a few hours at least. Really breathe and drop into your heart. This time next year what would you like life to look like? What do you wish to see appearing in your life, your body, your heart, your mind... Make your list and make sure you really get down to the things and feelings and conditions that matter to you. Take this exercise seriously... and then the universe will too!

Your list can be as long or short as you like. No rules. No right. No wrong. The only criteria is to write down what is truly in your heart.

2. Feel it

For each item, imagine you already have that in your life, heart, or body. Ask yourself, "How would I feel?" Don't just answer intellectually... really get to the feeling. Keep asking yourself questions until you get there? If you had your new job, for example, how would you feel when you wake up? When you drive to work? Can you imagine the satisfaction of working with people you love who value you? Get juicy! 

When you can feel it, you know you've "dialed in." If you can't feel it yet, get online and look for examples of others who have what you want. Read about how they feel. Imagine that is you.

3. Enjoy your day

This is the hardest part! We fall back so easily into attempting to control life, others, and our dreams. Remind yourself...

"There's no need to worry. The universe is working on all my dreams. I simply have to enjoy my days and honor my guidance. My life unfolds in perfection. I trust that the Creator of Universes can fulfill all my heart's desires."

A download-able version is here:

angel affirmations

Happy blissed, blessed, & magical new year to all of you! May it be a year of dreams come true!

Love you all! 

Video - "Embody & Harmonize With The Creator's Love" -

We Should Teach Our Children About Our Inner World By Gerrit Gielen


We are citizens of two worlds: the outer world and our inner world. When we are little children, the difference between those two worlds is still not very clear. A baby must discover what belongs to him and what does not. When you are a child, this is not obvious right away.

I can remember as a child that I was sometimes afraid in the dark; I saw all sorts of objects. Then I called my mother, who had to scare away those frightening things. I pointed to a corner where I thought I could see something. Then mother waved her hand and said: "You see, there is nothing." That put me at ease.

Later, I discovered that the things I believed were out there, I could also see when I had my eyes closed: they existed in my head. Gradually, I started to become aware of the difference between the inner world and the outer world. Everything outside myself was subject to rigid laws, but not inside myself, where anything is possible. The inner world was mine only, the outer world I shared with everyone.

Typically, however, most children listen to implicit messages they receive from their parents and teachers: everything about the outer world is important, while the inner world is not – you should not devote too much attention to that.

We now see the effects of that emphasis on the outer world: depression, burnout, health problems. It goes even further than that. Because we see the world through the eyes of our unconscious fears, we see enemies even when they are not there. As a result, there are enemies and battles everywhere.

All these problems can be avoided if we would raise our children differently – if we would teach them how to deal with their inner world – if we would encourage them to learn to appreciate the richness of that inner world – if we would teach them to approach the dark side of their inner world lovingly rather than condemn it – if we would communicate to them that the inner world is infinite – if we would impart to them that deep in that inner world lies an infinite source of wisdom that they can always return to.

We can not neglect our inner world without consequences. The price we pay we see around us.

Hence this short guide. Here are three lessons about your inner world which you already should have learned as a child at school.

1. Be conscious of your fears

If we do not learn to face our fears, they become the colored glasses through which we see reality. That means we see things in terms of right or wrong, and that we will have to work hard in order not to be the victim of wrongdoing. We are pulled away from life’s pleasures.

An example: an acquaintance of mine from France made an exceptional picture of a female spider that has a special cocoon in which she carries her eggs.

Sandrine, the woman took this picture, feels a special bond with small animals, such as spiders and insects, and she makes amazing pictures of them. She also communicates with them. Sandrine herself is a beautiful Frenchwoman who radiates a deep love for everything that lives.

Like many people, I find spiders a bit scary. That is also how I felt when I first saw the picture. Then I tried to view it through the eyes of Sandrine, and I felt something of her love for the little fellow inhabitants of this planet.

All of a sudden, I saw something wonderful, something delightful, something intimate. A very different living creature than the one I am, but one that still has a unique place in the universe; and, in her own way, takes loving care of her eggs.

When I look through the eyes of fear, then there is something frightening, something other than me, a duality: the spider, a strange creature that might threaten me; a being I don't want in my universe. When I look through the eyes of Sandrine, the duality then disappears completely. To see this happen is quite an experience. Fear creates duality, love lights it up.

When I look at the dark with fear, it is something dangerous, stands opposite to what is the light and threatens me. When I look at the dark with love, then I see a place where there is no light and I hear a scared, lost child who calls for help, the source of my fear.

When we want to live in this world in a harmonious way, then we have to look inside and observe all our fears honestly.

Video - "2019 - Year Of Initiation & Soul Embodiment" By Anrita Melchizedek

How do you do that?

Imagine that your fears are just small children who have hidden themselves somewhere deep inside you. Those children have names; for example, loneliness, poverty, pain, sorrow. Maybe there is even a child there called death. These are the names of the lost children who call for help. Call them forth and embrace them all. They are part of you and are part of your inner world. In this way, you bring your light to your own inner darkness.

If we do not become aware of our fears, then those fears color our glasses and appear to us as our reality. Then, when we grow up, we surround our fears with all kinds of ideas that reinforce those fears. Fear always gives a negative message about the world around you. Eventually, those ideas become seen as compelling truths about the world.

By seeing your fears as lost children inside you, and by embracing them lovingly, you take off those glasses and you can see the world around you through your original light: the light of love. Duality disappears and returns as unity.

It's normal to have all kinds of fears. Only if we are able to face those fears honestly can we transform them and the world around us in a loving way.

Duality is in the eye of the beholder.

2 . Imagination is the way to our inner wealth

During consultations and workshops, I often hear people say: "I'm not sure if this is only my imagination." I always sense that people have the idea that they are not allowed to fantasize. There is apparently a kind of taboo against that.

Nevertheless, so much that is beautiful has been created by humanity. Think of all the wonderful music, paintings, literature, movies, architecture – all that has arisen from the imagination of humans.

Also, the great scientists and philosophers had a great imagination. Still, at school, there is, unfortunately, no time period set aside to fantasize. If there were, we would all appreciate and use our imagination more creatively: it is taught at school, therefore it must be important. Unfortunately, that is not the way it is.

Maybe you even tell yourself that you have no imagination. No? Have you never had sexual fantasies? When you were a kid, did you never fantasized about your future? About a dream home? Never dreamed about an ideal partner, a job you'd like to have? Fantasized about a trip to a distant land?

Believe me, you have plenty of imagination: with every thought about the future, you use your imagination.

If you want to learn to use your imagination creatively, then step one is that you acknowledge that you often use your imagination; it is part of being human. In some people, it is better developed than in others, and it works differently in each person and in its own way. Still it is present in everyone.

In some people, their fantasy is highly visual, in others not so much. If it is not that way with you, realize that there are people born blind who do not know what images or colors are, yet they have a great imagination and some write wonderful novels, for example.

Just as every person has dreams, so everyone has the ability to fantasize.

Step 2 is that you just simply begin to exercise your imagination.

Fantasizing is something you can develop. Just like with everything, what also applies here is that "practice makes perfect". Repetition is the key and that you take time for it. As your inner world notices that you take time to learn to use your imagination, it will come to your aid.

A very simple exercise is to imagine you are talking with a wise man or woman. If you are female, choose a man and vice versa. This helps you to feel as a complete person who is both male and female. If you have difficulty imagining someone, take a person from history.

Start the conversation and fantasize what the answers would be. For example, talk about a problem you have. Be not afraid to imagine what kind of replies you get; make it a dialogue. To me, this works best when I write down the answers. At some point, you're going to notice that the fantasized answers come quite easily. You actually no longer have to think about them.

And then comes a moment when you realize: "Hey, what I hear now is very special." That is when you have connected your imagination with a deeper source: the deep layer of wisdom in yourself. When you have restored contact with that source, you can make the decision: "I have authority over my life." The final authority is not someone outside you, but who lives within you. In you is only one person – you. You have authority over your life.

People have given away their own inner authority because they think they are ignorant. Using your imagination, you can, however, get in contact with your inner source of wisdom. At the moment you realize you can take authority over your life, self confidence is born.

3. Learn to think positively – and above all to understand what it is.

There is a lot of talk about the power of positive thinking. All groups of people are engaged in endless repetition of thoughts like: "I am rich." But that really does not help.

How then should it be done in a way that does help? It starts with the assumption that deep inside you is a source of light and love: your core.

There are two types of thoughts. There are thoughts that are in harmony with the light from that source, and that strengthen the light and ensure that it flows through to the Earth.

Then there are also thoughts that block the light from that source and hang there as dark clouds. These are thoughts that are based on fear. For example, if you want to be rich because you are afraid of poverty than that is, in fact, not a positive thought.

This can be practiced. Imagine that source, a brilliant sun, somewhere above your head. Then take a thought in your head. If it is a positive thought, a thought that is in harmony with the source, then you will feel a positive reaction in your body; for example, a warm feeling in your heart. The light flows through from the thought. If it is a negative thought, then the light from your source is blocked.

Notice your body to see if tension arises. Your body feels when the contact with the source is broken and reacts to that, often with a sense of being unsettled. If you notice that, it means that this is a negative thought. Then you ask the question: "What fear is behind this?" Find the source of that fear: a lost child.

Finally: practice makes perfect.

In the beginning, this kind of inner work seems a bit like a move to a strange city abroad. If you're going there for the first time, everything seems odd and confusing, maybe even threatening.

Gradually, everything becomes more familiar, the people better known. You start to make friends and you feel at ease.

Something similar also happens if you begin to investigate your inner world. It's a different world, the rules are different, but gradually it becomes easier and better known.

Imagine the following: every human being on Earth has a plot of ground. Now, imagine that every person surrounds their own plot of land with lots of love and attention; makes it as beautiful as possible. What a beautiful planet the Earth would be.

This is actually the way the Universe is put together. Everyone has a little piece of the Universe. That piece is you, it's your inner world: the only piece of the Universe that you are in control of, that you don't see from the outside, but from within. Just look around: no one else is there, it's all yours.

Do we treat that piece with love? Do we love ourselves? Most often we do not. Usually, we are like gardeners who make lots of comments about the gardens of their neighbors, but totally neglect their own garden and defile it.

We fill the piece of the Universe that belongs to us with negative feelings and thoughts; there is hardly any light in it. We often give ourselves only very little love. Just look at the world around you and see what the consequences are. In most of us, it is winter: the inner Sun does not shine. Let us say "yes" to every piece of our own inner garden. Let our inner Sun – that inexhaustible source of life – shine on each plant, however small it is. Let the winter make way for a beautiful spring.

Gerrit Gielen

Video - "Let The Light Language & AA Metatron Spin The Metatron Cube For Your Spiritual Upliftment -

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You throughout the New Year,
Steven Hutchinson

The Request of Your Soul: Your New Beginning by the Unicorn Kingdom

Channeled By Natalie Glasson

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, come forth with blessings and love to greet you. Welcome to your new beginning. We welcome you with open hearts and supreme embracing love as you create a shift within your being denoting a new beginning for you in your spiritual evolution.

This shift and new beginning has been long awaited, did you know that a new beginning was taking place within your being now due to the devotion you have placed on your spiritual awakening? You may wonder what the new beginning denotes and will create for you, how it will manifest in your being and reality, as well as whether you will be aware of the presence of your new beginning. 

In this period of ascension, we, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish for you to simply accept that a new beginning is taking place within your being and will manifest with divine perfection and timing for you to experience.

You may experience your new beginning as a new awakening of clarity in your mind, a sense of peace washing over and through you, a new passion arising that impacts your physical actions. There is no right or wrong answer to the way you will experience your new beginning, it will manifest perfectly for you allowing you to feel awakened and fulfilled, as if you are moving forth with greater ease.

Your new beginning energetically is born from your entire being reaching a certain level of frequency and vibration, thus a signal was expressed and sent from your being to higher levels of your being and your guides. This alert is allowing the higher levels of your being and your guides to begin to transmit codes from the Universe of the Creator to you that your soul has requested.

Your soul has put into place certain energies, wisdom and connections your soul wishes to experience and physically embody from the Universe of the Creator at certain points to really accelerate your ascension.

Often this occurs at different times for each individual. However the energies of 2019 devoted to clarity have created a surge of light anchoring into the Earth and humanity, thus creating a surge of light frequency within many people upon the Earth.

In the beginning of 2019, a large majority of humanity are experiencing a download of information, light and connections from the Universe of the Creator as requested by their souls. This synchronicity allows each individual to feel immensely supported and sustained in the light as everyone is experiencing the support of everyone else going through the process.

It is the wisdom, light, love and connection anchored into your being from the Universe of the Creator as requested by your soul which will create a sense of a new beginning within your being, reality and spiritual evolution.

Video - "The Request of Your soul - Your New Beginning" -

The Importance of Receiving

We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to place a great importance upon receiving energies and light from your soul, higher aspects, and guides. A practice, intention or focus upon receiving daily even if only for a few moments will allow you to be open to anchoring and embodying the energies flowing to you because of the request of your soul.

We wish to share with you our view of receiving in order to offer a greater insight into receiving that which has been requested by your soul.

For us, the Unicorn Kingdom, receiving is a process of unfolding your energy, being, thoughts and chakras to the light. You are revealing yourself, your inner essence and core, even if you cannot comprehend that which exists within you. You open yourself up without fear in the certainty that you are fully supported by your truth, guides and the Universe of the Creator.

As you initiate an expansion of all that you are, so every part of your being begins to vibrate, ushering old energies and habits away, and preparing for a new surge of Creator consciousness.

To receive is to open and unfold your being, and the process of doing so allows you to be extremely responsive and able to collect all that is energetically available to you. Rather than just drawing energy into your being, instead, be willing to energetically expand every part of your being... and thus you will notice that you receive all you need and more without even trying to.

At this time when your soul has created requests for valuable energetic tools, wisdom and connections to support you in your physical and spiritual reality, a focus upon receiving each day becomes deeply important and a way of enhancing your relationship with your soul.

You may also experience a deeper intimacy and connection with your guides as they are stepping forth closer to transmit all that is appropriate and needed into your being. This truly is an insightful and exciting period of ascension as your relationship with your soul and guides will blossom, allowing you to feel suspended and carried by their loving presence.


‘I open myself to receive fully all my soul has requested now to be anchored into your being. As I receive, I unfold and expand my entire being, allowing me to vibrate and be responsive to all that is available for me to receive.'

'I know that all the energies, connections, wisdom and light my soul has requested from the Universe of the Creator are downloading into my being with my every breath now... creating a beautiful new beginning within my physical and spiritual reality... promoting fulfilment, peace, healing and enlightenment.'

'I now recognise and identify the presence of my soul and guides, their loving support and transmission to me, as well as developments in our relationship. I am receptive to recognising the presence and positive impact of the new beginning upon my entire being and reality, moving in harmony with the divine flow developing from within me. Thank you.’

You may simply wish to state our invocation each day to support your experience of your new beginning. Or you may wish to meditate practicing the art of receiving, and downloading the energies requested by your soul fully into your being.

The impact of your new beginning will be lasting, the synthesis of your new beginning with your being and reality will occur over a period of time most appropriate for the individual. The integration process may be quick or take a longer period, whatever the length of your integration process, all is appropriate and perfect for you.

You may wish to allow yourself to be open and receptive in your every day life, as new experiences and opportunities will be drawn to you because of the shift and awakening taking place within your being.

Be open to new directions, pathways and ideas manifesting. Please know that we, the Unicorn Kingdom, are acting as a powerful source of support and a beacon of assistance for you. If ever you require any form of assistance please call upon us, the Unicorn Kingdom, our energies will envelop you and guide you forth.

Invoke The Unicorn Kingdom

‘Unicorn Kingdom, I call forth your loving assistance, guidance, embrace and healing. Please support me now in understanding the process I am moving through, the way in which you are supporting me, and how I may assist myself. I thank you deeply for your loving support, attention and constant presence. Thank you.’

With bountiful Unicorn blessings,

The Unicorn Kingdom

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Video - "Love Frequency Reset - AA Michael" Via Melanie Beckler

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