These pics are from North Dakota. Geeez, I thought Wyoming was bad! LOL I guess we've got it made! hehehe Anybody else got this much snow???

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If I had that much snow, I'd consider it time to move. o_o
If I had That Much Snow
i Would So go Sledding :0)
If I had that much snow, I would HAVE to sledding. Or snow-mobiling, don't tknow how else you would get around!
The first two pictures aren't that far off from the current snowfall in my area. But I think I'd cry if it started to look like the pictures below. D:
lol, i've seen these pictures before...

around here it's starting to melt...but it definately fit the first picture up there for a handful of weeks, and it mostly came in just a few falls.
Im Not sure What Is worst
Snow As In The Pictures
or The Ice In Ky.
The ice in Ohio sucked too! I can't seem to get rid of it!
we are due some snow sun/monday time i hope it ent that bad (pic with snow above house) i love snow i like making snow men and have snowball fights with the kids :)
I always feel sorry for the mailmen when I see this kind of snow.
now i feel bad for allways complainin about are crapy winter-i guess mine aint that bad after all lol but i still want winter to end lol
take it all lol plus the -15 weather comes with it lol
LOL, no problem... I stole it from whoever sent it to me! ;)


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