These pics are from North Dakota. Geeez, I thought Wyoming was bad! LOL I guess we've got it made! hehehe Anybody else got this much snow???

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Holy crap....We get snow, but not like that..My city would shut down for weeks if we did..

Lady A~~~
i was in thigh-deep snow for two months this year in CO and i was out in it almost every day! so awesome. i wish it has been that deep!
I grew up in upstate PA near Lake Erie and I remember getting snow like some of those pics. We would use the snow banks and climb up on the roof to jump into the snow. We frequently got blizzards and had 20ft+ snowdrifts. Loads of fun. NOT!!!! Just one of the reasons that I refuse to live north of the Mason Dixon Line. One of my brothers and his family live in Kentucky and they still don't have any power, he takes them to his job that has a gym so that they can shower. :O(
A Friend Of Mine Lives In Lousiville
And He Lives In A 2 bedroom Apt
And Has 6 members of his family living with him
cos there is no electricity For them ....
Im So Glad I Waited Till March To Move There .
If we had that much Snow, we would
be out in it Snowmobiling and finding
our cars and trying to get out the front door
for our Dog! Thats alot of SNOW!!!!!
I was checking out the news this morning Char and they are calling for flurries here near Raleigh on Tuesday. Guesstimates are from no accumulation to worse than the 20th. Fabo!
Oh wow.. @_@ That's insane. I couldn't imagine living in that much snow. LOL!
we don't have that much snow but we are close. we live in northern ontario. we had 4 feet then we have a big melt and it went down to only about a foot, now we are back up to about 3 feet or so. If we didn't have that melt we could have lost a small child in our snow. The snow banks here are as high as my mini van and in our neighbourhood our once wide street is down to about a car and a half wide and it makes it interesting when you meet another car. the city is going to need to ship out some of this snow soon or else the snow plows aren't going to be able to push the snow up that high anymore. oh and school is cancelled if it gets below -35 (this has happened 5 times already this winter). spring can come anytime now!
And I thought the near 90 inches of snow we have here was bad. I don't think I will complain again about getting too much snow!! Glad I don't live in a place like that. They would have to lock me up because I went nuts lol.
Oh, I love GroundHog Day! And I love that movie too. LOL But, here in Wyoming, it really doesn't matter WHAT he says, spring is never early. I have seen it snow in July. It didn't snow much and it didn't stick around but... A few years back, I went to the Blue Grass Festival that they hold on the mountain each summer the 3rd weekend in July and I wore long underwear, it was so cold. In a few more days, it was in the 90s. LOL Ya just never know around here! I am sooooooo wishing for spring right now, though!
I dont have a right to complain.....
WOW!!! My family is in WI & we've gotten quite a bit of snow this year. My mother moved here from AZ last year and has a fit every time it snows here. I'll be sending these pictures to her tonight!!! Thats crazy.



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