I can't remember if I did this already, and if so, it must have been an awful long time ago. So I am doing it again....possibly. 

Basically I've been a pagan since I was a teen, seriously...on and off...for over a decade. I would prefer not to mention my tradition, not yet anyway, until I get to know people here. I don't mean to be secretive, per say, I'm just cautious about discussing these things, especially when they're so personal. I'm not at all accustomed to talking about my religion with anyone. I'm solitary and can't talk about it with family, co-workers, friends, etc. 

In fact, part of  the reason I'm here is because I need like minded people to talk to. I have so many questions, or so many things I want/need to discuss that bounce around my brain with nowhere to go except into a journal. 

I have studied quite a number of traditions, though I am not eclectic. I've found Druidry, Wicca, Heathenry and the Fairy Faith to be particularly interesting. Though I in general, love learning about other paths, traditions and cultures. In a mindful and respectful way. I'm very much for cultural exchange, as long as both cultures benefit. It's something I'm learning.

I'm hoping to make some friends here. And have good conversations. 

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Thank you! :)

Heya! I definitely sympathize, I'm a fairly recent convert to the world of magic and the occult and Pagan traditions, and I likewise don't have any friends or family who I even feel comfortable letting them know about it. I came here for much the same reason, hoping to meet new people who share these interests and who can teach me more. So far most of the people here have been great, I think we'll find what we're looking for. lol

That is encouraging! I'm so shy around people, even online...it takes me a bit to feel comfortable and likes its okay to share who I am. I'm definitely looking forward to talking to people though and reading some of these posts. 

You'll find this place is really quiet, I gather it used to be more active. But also of all the people here only one has stood out as a troublemaker, pretty good for any website these days. lol

Myself I've never really been very shy about what I think, which is kinda half the problem. Going from being very openly atheistic and closed off to these kinds of things to a complete 180° turn would be socially difficult to say the least. lol

Welcome and enjoy your time on Pagan Space.

Yep , you did Greet us when you first came , Rowan...:)


But good to see you again...;)

So it *really* wasn't that long ago...but may have seemed that way...;)

Greetings from another new member.


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