I'm new and just wanted to say "hi". I've known about PaganSpace for years but have never been involved with it until now. I'm here to learn more about the Pagan community, to network, and to learn to be a better Wiccan. Looks like I joined at an opportune time when the site seems to be revitalizing itself. I'm happy to be able to join you all on this adventure. May it be a merry one.

Many thanks for welcoming me to the site.

Blessed be,


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You came at a good time, a time of change. Some serious house cleaning going on here. It's all good in my opinion whatever its motives and intentions.

Thanks! Yeah, I noticed there were a few trolls lurking in the shadows a few weeks back, and I read some pretty upsetting stories about what's been going on. Happy things are looking brighter though.


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