I have mentioned in the past that I like to explore other religions. My friends are aware of this, and one in particular is always sure to pass along new potential paths to explore. Today she told me that she had met a man who claimed to be a "Grey Wiccan." I believe she said he spelled grey with an a though (g-r-a-y).

I did a quick google search, but so far I'm not finding anything. I've tried both spellings of grey too.

So anyway, I thought I would ask here as well and see what I couldn't turn up. Anyone here heard of a Grey Wiccan or Witch before? Is it possible he just uses the term to be more specific when talking in terms of black and white witchcraft? Or is there something more to this?

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That was my thought as well >.> that he's just trying to describe himself in a way that would imply both white and dark magick.

I hate to judge or cast people off though, esp since technically I've never met him at all, but my BS meter did go off when she told me. So no worries, it's not mean :)

I guess he told this friend of mine too, that there was a decent sized group of them. He gave her a name to look up, but she's forgotten what it was. I'm waiting for her to re-ask him (hoping she gets the chance). When/if that happens maybe I'll get somewhere with this search.
lol. I'm pretty sure what he is claiming refers to... he uses both sides, good and bad. I guess it would just be Wicca by itself... doesn't click, since it's supposed to be an all loving religion... you know you have the all good- "white," and the darker side of everything "black." If it's not what I said then, I wouldn't have the slightest clue. It honestly doesn't make sense to put any colors into the actual name, unless you just want it out there...

I really don't like the whole color thing...It's pointless really....It's still the religion, and there is good and bad in EVERYTHING; no need to go blurting it out. ;)

Ah ha!
lmao that would be awesome, but he typed it multiple times, so i'm quit sure that's what he meant. also he uses it as a ID for his email (she asked if he wanted to talk to me and passed along his email, so now i'll find out how full of shit he is >.>).
ROLFLMAO, just had to giggle on that one :)
agreed. it's all grey, just some ppl prefer to think of it as black or white.
okay, the name he was gonna have her look up was the goddess Hecate.

I won't go into too much detail, least I fall into a bit of criticism, but I'm so far getting the impression that he's fairly young (teens to early 20's) and probably new to the whole idea of paganism and wicca.

Thank you everyone for your input. I think the general consensus (and I'll agree with this) is that he's using gray to try and define himself after all, and it's not it's own group.

Too bad too, it sounded interesting for a minute there.
yes, i never knew that much about her until today. i'm just know looking things up. she seems very interesting, but yes not the type you'd mess about with >.>

have you heard her referred to as the crone? or as the dark moon goddess much? i only saw one reference to this, but i guess that's the impression he's under. crone though usually is the waning moon not the actual dark, isn't it? I didn't think people normally associated a goddess with the new moon. Just waxing, full, and waning.
I respect her also......The dark fey work with her too on the dark moon....
He probably follows the beliefs of Wiccan, but following the rules (or Rede) can be a little shady (or gray)...if you know what I mean.
Gray Witchcraft is, the practice of worship and magick which recognizes the importance of all polarities as legitimate and necessary without deception of the masses, the self, or the use of informational resources. Gray Witchcraft is simply, accepting what is without attempting to sugar-coat it for some political, social, or personal agenda. In fact, gray witches vehemently oppose the mixture of spirituality and politics for two reasons:

1)Spirituality is above politics in all forms and practices

2)Politics involve personal power; and personal power is not unified power

The Gray Magician knows that both polarities are necessary and should be revered and practiced. The Gray Magician does not and will not choose good and bane as a model for the way the universe should be and an individual should act, since both concepts are ludicrous and un-natural. Furthermore, the Gray Magician, or Gray, does not hide behind the premise of "good" for political reaons, for they know the true deifinition of what "is" has been tainted and is very incorrect.

The Gray Magician believes that what is good is, in fact, what upholds the balance of nature, for that is our model of morality. We do not look to the words of a god or goddess, or the Redes/Commandments of men, but too what "is" (and all anyone can ever know)- nature, to find the truth.

We deny the irrational concept of "harm none" as imperfect and improperly defined, as well as the concepts of obeying one God's (or gods') commandments based on what they say without reason! Gray Witches and Wizards ARE NOT practitioners of dark magick, as dark magicians are those who completely reject "good" by the very terms they use, regardless of what they may claim (see Webster's dictionary). To deny the necessity and purpose of what is commonly defined as "good" is un-natural and irrational, and it is not the way of the Gray Magician.

Gray Magicians practice balance and harmony, and they deny the concept that such things can occur without recognition of total and true polarity.

We ARE NOT selfish seekers, and do not practice for selfish reasons, as some would define the area of "gray magick", but rather practice our magick and our beliefs as nature shows us- balanced, harmonized, and unified! If you consider killing plants and animals in order to survive, as nature intended, as "un-balanced and dis-harmonic" then, yes, we are selfish! Otherwise, we are simply believers in truth rather than attempting to mask our believes under false pretenses such as "harm none" (a very broad definition)- a definition Gray Witches and Wizards take great issue with, for it is deceiving!

Gray Witchcraft is the practice of balance, harmony, and unity in ALL THINGS, and in all areas of life! It is not an easy path, and it is not a path for all persons (for it is difficult), but it is not impossible, and it certainly should not be disguarded because it is. Who said life was meant to be easy? Don't you know that too much good becomes the bane? BALANCE is our banner!

Some would say that Gray withccraft is dangerous. I, as a Gray Wizard would have to say this: "Gray Witchcraft is only dangerous if you are one who never meant well, and never sought the truth in the first place. If you seek the truth, and are willing to suffer and learn, then there is absolutely no danger at all in Gray Witchcraft!" You should only fear our way, the Way of the Gray Magician if you are untrue to yourself and others.

We are the most rejected of the rejected, and we care not, for we know that all polarities are necessary for true unity. We follow no ultra-feminine or ultra-masculine agenda, but rather revere both genders as equally important and powerful in their own rites-balanced polarity. We do not practice and accept the concepts of "white" or "dark" witchcraft and magick, but rather recgonize, first, that magick is neutral, and second, that both sides complete the whole. We simply seek truth and we also present it as it is to the masses; no deception, no blinding words, no agendas.

If it is in the middle, centered, harmonious, truthfully grounded, and forthright we accept it and practice it. We do not and will not reject truth for an easier and more lenient route!

We reject the accepted definitions of "good" and "evil" as moronic and untruthful, and replace them with the way things are meant to be! We truly see that the left can not be without the right, nor the right without the left; but that both join in unity at their center. The center is what we seek!

These are the basics of the Gray Magician, according to the Gray Magician, for all are one and one are all. To place one over another is to create un-balanced reality, which is incorrect and will always result in disaster, for nature teaches this on a constant and consistent basis! Gray Witchcraft is about balance, harmony, and unity; nothing more. Those that wrongly define and attack our ways know not the truths of nature and are condemned to drown in the prosperity of their good and pure waters, for even water itself becomes bane when it is not properly balanced in it's consumption!

Hope this helps. Found on net. Do not agree or disagree as this is the first time I have heard of.

Brightest Blessings :)


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