Has anyone else's page suddenly started loading different ?

All of my pages now have the huge logo with nothing but items down the left hand of the page .

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Mine was doing that yesterday, along with all sorts of weird stuff. I searched for and downloaded windows updates and firefox updates and it seems to be fine now.
I've been having problems with ning for a while now. I use Firefox as I hate Internet Exploder. For some reason, more than half the ning functions are not working with Firefox. I can post a general response to posts and navigate using the menu under the header. I have to open my system up to all the BS that attacks MS products just to upload pics, check my mail, add or accept friends, reply to specific responses, and such.
Thank you , I was using google Chrome and was having trouble on my university of Phoenix site as well , I switched over to firefox and not everything is fine... how weird
I've been having trouble with both IE and Firefox with Ning. Can't get My Page to open in IE, but will in Firefox. While using Firefox PS takes forever to load and open the discussions, and IE doesn't. I am learning to be very patient with Ning.
Mine's looked like a ten year old designed it for a couple of days now. Don't know what's happened! Apparently Ning has hiccupped big time!
Yep! That's exactly what mine's doing too! At this point I'm considering just running around my monitor clicking on buttons in hopes of accidentally righting the situation! LOL!


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