my little niece is in great need of healing thoughts as she has been taken in to hosptal ans is at the moment in the ICU. please send healing thoughts for her she is a fighter and will give her everything to live...

She is doing quite well, but isnt off the ventilator just yet. that is hopeful for the coming few days...

many thanks to all those are sending her healing. she is responding. please keep sending..

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sorry to hear about your niece ,sending healing and strength to her and the family .xxx
thank you for the kind words. i will post when i have significant news
I will light a candle for her and for you.
So sorry, will send good thoughts and healing.
many thanks. it is appreciated greatly. she is making progress it is very slow but but progress none the less
Very sorry to hear about your niece, will keep her in my thoughts and mediatations for healing
Healing Comments
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Sending many healing energies to her and her family.

Sorry about your niece :(
many thanks for all you healing thoughts she has made fantastic progress and has almost recovered from her illness, she is leaving hospital tomorrow all being well, she will continue to gain strength once home...
I will keep her in my prayers.


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