I'm new to paganspace, and thought I'd use the introduction page to say hi. My beliefs align closest to Wicca. In my day to day life, I'm a social worker for homeless individuals. I enjoy my job, but it is a bit stressful (and unpredictable!) at times. I am looking for a space to be able to discuss my religious beliefs openly, and to connect with others. Currently, even though I am not "new" to Wicca , I'm using the YEar and a Day book for practice. Its been a reflective experience, and I like the short lessons.

Any recommendations of threads I should read, or parts of the site I should visit? I'm still learning how to navigate this whole site.

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Hi Crystal, you will find that there are many groups on here just for Wicca.

I do recommend this group to all newbies:


Thank you for the link! I'm going to use it!

The job you do is a service to the gods. Best of luck on your path.


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