I'm Amelia, and I just found this site. I am off on some personal growth journey and hope to find inspiration and community here. 

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Hi, I'm a follower of Modern Minoan Paganism, an independent spiritual tradition that brings the gods and goddesses of the ancient Minoans alive in the modern world. We use some reconstructionist techniques but we also rely heavily on shared personal gnosis and ecstatic/mystical experience. My path revolves around the classical labyrinth which has been found on the Tor at Glastonbury which explains the unusual shape and the recent suggestion that the Minoans may have built Stonehenge and I draw on Celtic Myth of Mabon ap Modron which I believe has its original origins in Minoan times.

Sounds like a beautiful and intriguing path.

Thank you.

Hi Amelia. Welcome to the site. May you find what you need and your time here be happy.

Thank you!

Welcome. I'm new here too. So far, everyone seems nice and open-minded.

Tell us about yourself... What do you dig? Are you into art and music? What's your path, or do you prefer not to have a label? Do you have a favorite tea? A favorite flower? Do you have pets?

I'm sorry if I sound kinda weird and nosy... It's because and I am weird, and I am nosy. LoL I interact better on social media than in person with people because I have Asperger's Syndrome. I tend to be very direct and ask lots of questions.

Anyway, I hope you feel welcome here. <3

I dig art and music and nature and writing and reading. My path is rather unlabeled but a collection of many things Pagan and more. I don't always go full practitioner but have been known to celebrate solstices and love going on a good meditative journey. I use mantras and crystals and herbs and oils. I dig chemistry so I like to extract my own when I can. Favorite tea hands down is Earl Grey. Favorite flower is red rose, and I have cats! :) Don't apologize for asking questions I appreciate it! How about you, what is your path?

Hi Amelia,

Spiritual growth is cool but sometimes very painful. I just got here and I wish you well in this community

I'm hoping that I am through the worst part of the painful bit. I like to think I've shed my skin and day by day it gets tougher as I have room to grow..

Hello :)

How's it going. I have been practicing divination by tarot , and spellcraft by means of energy manipulation and invoking my will for going on 20 years or so. However I haven't practiced anything beyond some simple channeling in about 9 years and I'm trying to get back into it. That being said if you have any questions about tarot, specifically the Thoth deck,  or energy manipulation feel free to ask. I don't mean to sound conceited but I do consider myself somewhat of a master in regards to energy manipulation/reading/storing and pretty much anything you can think of in using raw energy. Now i admit I am FAR from knowing everything but like I said I've been doing this going on 20+ years and have lots of experience with it. So if there is anything you need help with or a question about it you would like answered, feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer you, hopefully in a plain English way that is easy to understand.

Hi Chris, I actually have the ability to travel in dreams. I am interested in Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretations. I am pretty in tune with animal guides as well as deciphering their messages. Of course I'm not perfect at it but I think it is good to know your strengths.


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