Help! I'm not sure if I'm crazy or if it's something worse..

The more I’m piecing things together, the scarier it’s starting to sound and I don’t know what’s going on or what to do. Lately over the past month or so I’ve been under more mental pressure than usual but there was really no trigger for it. A few weeks ago my salt lamp stopped working, it’s been my sort of safety net because I don’t like being in my room when it’s too dark. After then I started hearing noises. Like scratching, grumbling, humming and words I never can realize what they are saying. I would hear them when I’m not home and when I’m around people but they don’t seem to hear anything and just tell me it’s in my head or an animal around. About a week after the light went out my fan started making weird noises. It never does this. I have little clips in it and If you press and hold the clips a certain way they will hit the blades. At first thought it just the vibration of the fan but it would only stop when I looked at it, no matter how long and I was up an extra 2 hours looking at my fan and looking away with different amounts of time to make sure it wasn’t a pattern. This next part is what really scared me. I was laying in bed with my boyfriend (in underwear and a T-shirt) and out of nowhere I got a massive raised scratch on my back hip. It looked like a fresh cat scratch but my cat wasnt really near me, or my hip all day (as I was working, then took a shower before my bf came over) and the scratch wasn’t there before we got in bed. We checked the bed and everywhere around me and we found nothing that would leave that mark there (not even my own nails) All while this is happening, roughly about when the fan thing happened I started to feel sick, tired and I would get irritated easily (although I thought it was my period but the pms seemed oddly early since I recently started bleeding this week) and now it feels like I’m surrounded by a ball sort of thing that’s just kind of draining me of energy. Stuff like this happened when I was younger, in my teens but never this bad and all at once like this but when I was younger I believed it was just my pent up energy/depression manifesting itself and basically me terrorizing myself. I’m not sure what to make of all of this, it sounds insane and the premise to a terrible horror movie but it’s real life and no where near as fun or able to escape. If anyone would know what to do or would know how to help or knows where I can get help, please contact me, I’m at my wits end and I I have no idea what to do.

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-_- I'm very well aware of the brains ability to scare itself. I'm not saying it definitely is or isn't something. I'm just saying stuff is happening, it's scaring me and I don't have a clear answer for all of it and it's effecting me in a negative way. But continue to be a troll and put more negativity into the world.
I'm trying to do something about it. I've gone though similar stuff before but it took alot longer to happen back then and eventually died down. All of this happened in less of a month and I'm already dealing with a bunch of other stuff and I have no where to go. My options are this room or a park bench.
I wouldn't really call it living....
You think my asking for help, trying to find someone who has answers or someone who might understand what I'm going through, bragging? I don't want these things to happen. I don't know what it is but I need it to stop, and I'm doing everything I can think of to make it stop.

Kriss, what do you think is going on?  I think it's most important to examine your beliefs.  It sometimes takes an imaginary mongoose to kill imaginary snakes.  But the imagination is important, I don't mean to belittle.  After all, maybe we are imagining this reality right now.

I'm not sure exactly. When all the stuff happened I dismiss ed it all and had another explanation for it, but they all never totally aligned with it. I don't know if it's a ghost or whatever. I'm just more crazy than my therapist knows just yet or if I'm just stressed or not managing my emotions and thoughts well so it's manifesting in this reality. The last one seemed true when I was younger but was never anything physical like with what happened with the fan so that one is extra scary and confusing...

Hey Kriss My advice would be to seek out a local (REPITUBLE) psychic and start there. get some Ideas as to what might be going on. Then if you feel it necessary get ahold of a (REPITABLE) local paranormal group and have them in for an investigation. That's what I would do. And what I do myself. However as a paranormal investigator. The worst thing you can do is to freak out and have some one just come in and try to cleanse the place with out finding out what it is and what it wants, IT IS A BIG MISTAKE! don't try it!

And always remember you are in charge! you are the boss! and show no fear! Demand that it stop right there your not afraid of it and it needs to go back to where it came from. My favorite phrase is to yell out loud is!

GO TO BED MONSTER! real demanding like. it works for me!   

Just remember light bulbs go out, replace it!

Fans get dirty and make random funky noises, clean it!

Good luck to ya let us know how its going.

We don't have smoke alarms in the house... They kept going off when I would do my hair or when someone was showering...
Then you should make that clear in your reply.
Thanks, I may have trouble haveing people come to the house... My family doesn't like visitors (ironic if it's actually a ghost or something) but I'll look into it. And I checked my light and replaced the bulb twice in one week, my only other option is to take it in and see if it's the cord but it's only a couple years old so I dunno about that. And the fan making noise, I found out what it was but you have to actively press on or move the peg I have in there for it to make noises and I still don't know how it only made that noise when I wasn't looking at it. And thank you for your suggestions, I will try saying your phrase!

The voices?  Get some medical assistance.  Get your ears checked, then if you clear that, maybe a neurologist?  You may be having some sort of seizure or the start of a brain tumor.  If you clear that, maybe some psychiatric help?

The fan?  Meh, it's just not good quality. I have a fan that started making noises all of a sudden.  It doesn't do it often, and if I put it in a certain position, it stops, but it never did before until it did.  It's just a not-so-good quality fan that is having mechanical difficulty.

The scratch?  Did it bring blood?  Or are you suffering dermatographia?

I see a therapist weekly, and it's not the voices that scare me too much, mainly the scratching and breathing noises worry me.

And the fan. The noise was caused by a peg I have stuck in it. But it doesn't cause noise unless you press on it or move it. And that still doesn't explain how it can be silent for 10 minutes but the second I look away, it starts up again, then I look at it again and stops imediatly... In various different patterns for 2 hours..

And it was bleeding alittle. My boyfriend seemed really freaked out because it just appeared there (he likes to stare at my butt so he would have noticed it beforehand)


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