Lately I've been getting all depressed about how humanity has made the planet sick. Take a look on google maps and one can see how most of the planet is all city and farmland. We're too overpopulated.

The planet just doesn't feel right. She's sick. I want to do something to help so badly but I'm unsure how. I do recycle as much as possible, clean up trash from parks and roadsides, walk instead of drive, etc.

I want to support her and was wondering how to uplift her and make her feel better even if its only slightly. Don't laugh, but I was thinking about going out there and massaging the earth. Just sitting there and give her a good massage like I would for my clients. Would Gaia feel anything from that? Or how about a spell to give her some good energy? Any suggestions?

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No laughing, because I often want to do the same. :-) I also do all the "normal" things like try to live in a sustainable way, small foot print, recycle, reuse, etc., etc. But, then, I also feel the need to do more and make it more personal.

Gaia is not part of my spiritual practice, as such. But, in my own practice, I often ask the universe, the divine, goddess, god if there is anything I could do for them, personally. Even though they probably don't need anything from me, and I feel a little silly asking sometimes just because I feel small and not very useful compared to them. But, I ask anyway, and offer my services. Sometimes I get nudged in a certain direction.

For our wonderful planet, specifically, I love to plant things. I will often incorporate a ritual into the planting, one of gratitude, love, and appreciation. I also seed bomb abandoned lots with (local) wild flowers. You could incorporate the massage while planting, even! The soil likes a good turn over, after all. 

Awe what wonderful ideas! I think I'll start seeding and asking Gaia if there's anything I can do for her to point me in the right direction. I do love the idea of spreading some plants around. Thank you for your views and the great ideas.

Been doing that as well. I hate to waste things. Last year I began learning about edible wild plants. Hopefully that'll save some plastic and fuel by foraging instead of purchasing my salads. And as I forage, I can reseed many of the plants.

I do need to purchase a water filter though. I've added that to my to do list. Thank you for the ideas, Einar.


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