I'm new to the pagan lifestyle, i have choosen nordic paganism as I have a pull towards it and have always liked the Nordic people and lifestyle. I am 20 years old,and really trying to learn as much as I can about nordic paganism and magic. I really am not good at introductions so please ask any and all questions you have for me! PLEASE!?

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Asatru, sorry, I forgot there is more then one branch of it.

Welcome to PS, I suggest you check out the groups. I'm sure you will find a few that interest you.

Welcome. I would suggest reading anything by Galina Krasskova she is well known for her expertise on the subject.

Keeping in mind you'll get varying perspectives of what a heathen should and should not be.  

Suggestion:  Read up and much as you can before taking a side, and there are several in the heathen world.  Even the various books written have pro's and con's.  

Some heathens, or pagans, or other will expect you to take a "our side, or your wrong" stance.  Don't be bullied into any one camp. Take your time, study, then choose, or not.

Welcome to the faith, calling, path, lifestyle, etc.  And remember the Eddas, and to paraphrase.  Be wary walking into the forums.  Looking all around for friend or foe alike.    Something like that.  ;)

What is the "Nordic lifestyle"?

Didn't know they had one.


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