So here's my story, I'm an empath and I've always been able to use white energy to heal or soothe or protect of course as a kid I thought it was just an affinity for animals and knowing what my friends and family were feeling but when I turned 19 I learned about Wicca and the path... But once the person who opened the door left my life I was never able to find anyone else to talk to or teach me... Until now. If anyone wants to talk or show me how this site works that would be appreciated greatly thanks y'all 

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Hey Kasey, welcome to Pagan Space.

Hi Casey, I am an empath as well...not knowing right along side you. I have helped many of my friends not even knowing there was kind for this great ability, however it becomes overwhelming at times....have you experienced this yet?

Kailis Kasey,

Out of curiosity do you hold the blue ray healing mist on the palms of your hands by any chance? You say you feel you were born in the wrong century, have you ever had the notion that possibly you could very well have lived more than one lifetime?... I have what's termed as Synesthesia and am also a empath we are the highly sensitives of this world and see & feel energy flows, do you feel at peace more in nature because you can see & feel the energy in it?..or happen to have any interference with electrical goods, light bulbs blowing?,technology play up on constantly more than other people...then you could be whats termed as a SLider .. I speak all these things from my own personal experiences but was sensing into your words here so thought I'd mention them to create conversation...


I can focus the energy into my hands or I can push it out of my body like a bubble I have done this before to push away bad spirits, the woman who was teaching me about my abilities started going down a dark path and one night brought three being black as night into her room and I could not only see them but I forced them away with the energy from myself... I have never seen anything like it since and have only recently used my "shield" to help my fiance sleep without negative energy 

Well your way on your path then by the sounds of things if your in control of your auric energy, just you need to bring back in focus what your soul requires and get into seeking mode or learning new things mode or something if  your feeling lost get back into nature to touch with 'mother' she'll certainly show you a path to go down....Yes I've seen entities before they arnt pretty things, and I find it hard to believe that humans dont know they exist here..the sleeping switch is totally turned on with them isnt it..but when the awakened show their thoughts we are seen as the nutters..crazy world we live in...moreso in USA than anywhere else...not sure if I'd ever get used it if I lived there,glad I live in New Zealand that's for sure as everything is so fresh & pure & untainted by the evils of this world [well so far,lets hope it stays like that..touches wood-]...

I live in Colorado, USA mother nature outdid herself making Colorado. I'd love to see New Zealand someday, like I said this is the first time in almost ten years I've found people to learn by so here's hoping I can find some friends to talk to ;) I'm always surrounded by nature every day so that's no issue here haha

Awesome I visited Colorado on vacation a number of years back now, though was a very nice place I went up Pikes Peak mountain and then to the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge & Incline train,and also a little Indian township cant recall its name now,they made Indian jewelry with turquoise,that was amazing,bought back past recalled memories and then on to the Valley Of The Gods & the incredible balancing rock that was an eye opener....

here's some of my photo's of the photo's I took from that time space just to share non digital camera..Yes New Zealand is a wonderful place & the scenery is like paradise really in both Islands..

Pikes Peak Mountain Colorado 031

Pikes Peak Mountain Colorado 032

Valley of the Gods Colorado035

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge Colorado 037

Balancing Rock Colorado 034


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