Greetings to all...

I am not good at introductions, and when you've a lot of miles clocked up on your besom like I have it gets all the more difficult, but here's my attempt at putting my path into a nutshell for you..

I was born and raised in London UK in the "baby boomer" era and life was good...  It was the "swinging sixties" and the focus was on peace and love, music and fashion, and I was a follower of CND, and a hippie.  

School was tough because I couldn't fit in, and I wouldn't conform.  The only lesson I could really connect with was art, and I went to that class most days. 

When made to attend other classes I would zone out and meditate, journey and loose myself and I was labelled "the great daydreamer". 

I did my own studies in my own time, looking to mystics and sooth sayers wisdom in books at my public library to find my truths. 

I made friends with those whose paths were Stregheria, Voudoun, Yoruba, Rastaferian and Helenic and I loved learning about them all.

My Dad's Mum was a hedgewitch and she practiced plenty of spell casting, her influence on me was very strong in my formative years. 

She informed my Mother that I had "the gift" around the time I was 4 years old.  Sometimes it feels more like a curse, but that's how it is. 

I left my parents' home relatively early because they couldn't handle me, and I went to stay with Mum's mum, who was a retired midwife, and she was into herbal healing, her partner was a male hedgewitch. 

We lived in a seaside shack in East Anglia which she called her Dingaling, and I loved it there. 

I worked on the local farm with riding stables, and learned fast about the beauty and will of horses. 

And time spent on the dunes and swimming in the sea.

Happy times indeed.

Had to return to London when Nan passed to Summerlands and it was like experiencing a soul shattering, from which I needed rebirth.

Months passed in the darker wilderness, connecting with some very shady underworld entitties, but I was saved and went on to learn more and much of Wicca, of Kemet, of Astaru, and of other pagan paths.

Married into a family who were spiritualists, and my Father In Law was into Kaballah in the early 80's... 

I discovered I was rather good at reading tarot and doing other forms of scrying, and started to get drawn into more eastern influences in my path, forged deeper by working for a boss who was Hindu.

Then I semi-retired to Wales, and took up the study of Druidry.

Thanks for reading my story, looking forwards to reading all of yours.

May the fates be kind,

Beth. x

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Greetings Beth, Nice to have you here.

thank you, nice to be here,

looking forwards to catching up with everyone soon x

Thank you for sharing your story, and glad you joined us on this site :)

There's a few hedgewitches in my family, so its awesome to hear you have the same. I mainly use crystals, and would love to hear more about your own Crafts.

Welcome to PaganSpace, Beth!


I had so many crystals a couple of years back they virtually took up their own room in my house, but I sold a lot of them to somebody who needed them all far more than I did at the time.  :) 

I just kept the ones that meant the most to me, my healing ones, my negativity absorbing and expelling ones, my beautiful selenite scrying ball, my huge split amethyst geode which brings peace to the place, my pyramid shaped chunk of Jade which fetches me health wealth and happiness, my laborodite palmstone which aids my learning and furthers my studies, and a few others. 

I will post more when I learn my way around the groups here.

I believe getting them can be an addiction so I have to be firm with myself and just say no now hahaha!  

thank you, good to know, look forwards to reading and posting more here soon!

Hello and welcome! That's quite a story you got there. 

Wiccan Woman and Dragons (GP)
gothic wiccan woman pictures

thank you,

I admit I have to pinch myself sometimes, it's been a wild ride, and I feel it ain't over yet by a long way!  (Fates be kind) 

Hi Beth! Welcome! I am new to Paganspace too!  You have a great story and I am so blessed to have read it! I hope to read more!

Hi Raven, welcome to the site.  Glad you found my journey interesting.  I will be contributing further as and when the fates allow me time.  I look forwards to your posts too.


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