So, I got a Neti Pot. I've heard about these a long time ago from a friend. If you don't know what they are, basically they look like a small tea pot, but it's for your nose. You mix warm water with a saline solution (you can just use sea salt though), and you tip your head sideways and... yeah basically pour water up your nose.


Never gave them much thought really. But I've been having sinus issues for years, I get these intense pains in my sinuses that cause... well it's gross, but you get the idea. A Dr said I had general allergies, but I didn't have a clue to what I was allergic to because nothing specific seemed to trigger it aside from changes in the weather. Recently I had a severe cold, and I decided finally to take the advice of another Dr and try 'snorting' a saline solution. I was desperate, and I thought it would just clean them out a little.


Not much happened at first, but I did it right before bed. The next morning I'm doing my morning thing and I sneezed... AND I COULDN'T BELIVE WHAT EMERGED FROM MY FACE! I'll spare you the gory details, but basically I suspect I've been carrying around a lot of undrained stuff in my sinuses which have been causing me the painful problems I've been having. I've continued using it a couple of times a day since, and I've been having good results. I think I may get my sinuses back, and not have to continually take decongestants to stop the allergy affect I've been having. Only thing that kinda sucks is I've been having some sinus pressure headaches, but that makes sense as the crap that has been stuck up there loosens, the pressure changes may cause some achyness... but it's not that bad. Some occasional headaches are well worth getting this crap out which could potentially cause me worse problems (like an infection) later on.


So yeah, are there any home treatments or remedies that you have tried and love and swear by?





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I can relate to that. For a while I had a perscription for nasonex, which helped the symptoms go away, but it's expensive for me to get (last I bought it, it was 40 dollars a perscription). I didn't have allergies when I was growing up, & about 10 years ago I suddenly became a straight up mess with constant sneezing, draining, hearing loss, etc. In the last three-four years the symptoms have lessened but not gone away, and I wonder if maybe the problem developed into having overly dry sinues that were constantly irritated & senstitive (or maybe that was the problem all along, who knows). I have been definitely carrying around some compacted mucus, and since your sinues don't stop making mucus when they're clogged up, it can definitely cause headaches, pain, and other fun crap.

Bascially you want the water to be fairly salty (like what you'd use to gargle a sore throat with) and warm. You can cup your hand and allow gravity to work, or you can 'snort' it. It may feel like when you're at the pool and you get water in your nose, but I didn't find it to be as weird as I thought it was going to be. Do it over the sink so you have a place to spit, of course. I found if you do it right before bed that it works better, and doing it again in the morning helps get more of the stuff loose that got softened up from the night before.

The Neti Pot helps, but you don't 'need' it. Also you can also do this with straight water (like you can try this in the shower), but I found that the saline mix is way more effective.

BTW don't blow your nose too hard, you don't want to irritate the tissue even more.

Good Luck! :D
For long-term really bad allergies like that, tea made from Milk Thistle leaves or seeds (though the leaves make a much better tasting tea!) can help!


If you are getting headaches, try rinsing again. Get the goo out to relieve that pressure!

I use a netti device too (not a pot, but a positive-pressure bottle you squeeze), but the problem is that sometimes my sinuses swell so much that the liquid won't even go in! For this, I use plantain leaf, eyebright, or milk thistle teas. You're supposed to use marshmallow root too, but I hate it.

If your allergies are year round, it might be dust mites. There is an easy way to check... just give yourself a little scratch on your arm (just enough to break the skin, using a sterile something tiny and sharp), rub a bit of recently-accumulated dust on it, and see if you get a hive. Unless the other things are blooming already and there's other allergens in the dust, in which case you won't know if the hive is from the dust mites or something else... Your doctor can properly test with purified dust mites from both the U.S. and Europe (I'm allergic to both, lucky me) that way if your results are not clear.

I got this idea because when I went for allergy testing, they would not test me for apple because it is not standard, saying i had to bring in a piece of apple, mash it up, and then they would scratch me and rub it in... I asked if I could just do this at home, and was told "technically we are not allowed to advise you to do this at home, but strictly speaking, yeah, you totally could." So I did.

You can use this home scratch test to check for allergies to eggs, milk, dust, cat saliva, almost anything. You just have to be very careful to keep everything STERILE, and have some hydrocortisone creme ready from the drug store in case you DO get a hive... they itch terribly for hours!

[[EDIT: most people will never have a problem with this as long as you don't rub bacteria into your teeny scratch, and sometimes even if you do. However, if you are taking any kind of immunosuppressant medications, OR if you have a compromised immune system for any reason, DON'T TRY IT! ;) ]]

But it can be a good way to find out if it's really Kitty or some tree or dust... (Just use a sterile swab to swab inside kitty's cheek to get a cat sample!) With dust mites, you just have to launder everything more often, vacuum more often, wipe everything down, etc. How you keep your environment makes a big difference! It also helps to keep things covered... like old books and papers sitting out accumulate dust that will trigger a reaction. But if you keep them covered, you can carefully remove the cover and have safe books and papers underneath. Also wear a mask and wash your hands thoroughly if you're cleaning out from under the bed, sofa, back of the closet, and whatnot.
I have seen these in the stores but the thought of using one has always weirded me out a bit. I remember being a kid and getting sea water up my nose all summer. Quiet annoying actually.
You can find how to do it right on you tube.... you don't snort it and if its done right it makes you breath better then you ever have
The Neti Pot naturally cleanses, refreshes, and protects the nasal passages, one of our body's first lines of defense against illness. Recommended today by doctors and pharmacists worldwide, the Neti Pot has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate sinus and allergy problems.
if you're using your hand you "snort" using your nose like a straw, the Neti pot uses gravity to work.

I have a Neti Pot and I Love it. I use it twice a week.

As for home treatments I always keep tea tree oil around, I mean is there anything that stuff cannot do...other then smell good. lol!
I use onion and honey for a cough, ginger for an upset tummy, and a wide range of herb teas for what ever ales ya.
love tea tree....
I just spent the last few minutes jotting down notes from this thread. I've got a couple pieces of information that might be useful for people who suffer from chronic headaches and/or migraines. I've used both of these techniques several times with great success.

They both require you to lay down and relax if you can (don't think of anything either).
-Take a potato, slice it in half, and put both halves on your temples. It might take a while, but it does wonders for migraines. Just don't let anyone eat the potato once you're done with it. My sister ate the last one I'd used on myself and the migraine she got from it was so bad she was redecorating the inside of the toilet bowl. And no, she hasn't had a migraine since.
-Take a banana peel (whether you eat the banana itself or not is up to you), lay it across your forehead, innerside against your skin, and allow yourself to fall asleep with it there. This one's great for those headaches that come on when you don't get enough sleep. If when you wake you find that the peel isn't there because you've batted it off in your sleep or have rolled over, no worries so long as the headache's gone.

There's a third one I know of that doesn't work too well, for me anyways. Place firm pressure on your head where the most intense pain is. Since the pressure needs to be constant, I find this difficult to do since I have to focus in order to keep it that way. If you can make this work for you, all I can say is "saweeet!" XD

Bright blessings.
Yes many people have at least one of these allergies without knowing it. I try to remain as lactose free as possible and it helps me...
Thanks for posting this information Sara. I'm glad you feel better with using it. I forwarded this to my sister who has the worst sinuses and allergies especially this time of year.
Yeah. Neti Pot's rock. I love Jewel Weed for poison ivy, aloe for skin, olive oil and lemon shots as well as plenty of water for kidney stones, dandelion roots for caffeine replacement, fresh ginger for tummy, lavender, rose, and chamomile for sleep, Gargle Cheyenne for sore throats but do not inhale while doing so, fresh lemon in water as well as a small vinegar shot for detox, there is a weed that grows here that stops bleeding but I forget the name, it is white and slightly flowery, garlic prevents a lot of sickness esp. fresh garlic, I have more but am tired! I work way to much and sleep way to little:/ Maybe I will post more later....


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