I'm semi new to the craft, but not competely lost.  I was wondering if anyone could help me find a magical name, or atleast tell me how to find one.

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OMG THAT SOUNDS SO FUN! I know that it shouldn't be taken lightly, but now I feel a need to go down to one! I'm just curious to see what I will find. Thanks for the idea!
you think so???
Meditate ^-^ It's how I found mind.
Just like what Crystalstormz said, thanks!
Assertive! Just relax yourself and practise self love. Enchant your surroundings and absorb your environment, even go someplace nice each day (if possible). Look inside yourself and discover the best part about you, your favorite times of the day when your energies are strongest. Thats all you need to do and perhaps the answers will come to you in deep sleep. Write it down and keep it in a safe place.
This harmonizes the body, spirit, mind, and my surroundings as one. I agree, I must first be at complete total peace with myself! Thank you!
I have several, the one used depends on the Circle I'm going into... one for pagan circles, many within of whom I do not know well enough to trust implicitly... Unicorn tradition circle, most of whom I know and do trust implicitly, and the Family Tradition I belong to as well, all of whom I trust completely and know better than several of my genetic siblings. (I only trust three of my five siblings farther than I can throw them!) Choose something that calls to you... look at the patheons that you feel resonance from... look at the mythical beasts and their lore... record your dreams, especially if you meditate on the quest each night for a set period - New to Full Moon, perhaps. In the end, choose what fits your personality. One other thing. My initiating High Priestess advised choosing a name that conveys a quality you want more of in yourself... because if you identify with it, in the Temple of the Gods, then you will be shaped by the name... and no one can tell where that will take you, or how it will shape you. In my experience, she was right. Blessed Be, dW!
this is what I've been wanting, ideas, and stories even. Thank you ^_^
The purpose of a craft name is to identify yourself with other practioners. The craft name can change with time but the most important name is your secret name - nobody, but yourself and the divine should know your secret name. To know somebody's name is to have power over them. According to Egyptian legend (if I remember it correctly) Isis asked Ra to bring Osiris back to life when he was killed by his brother and chopped into pieces and spread across the land. Ra refused, so Isis tricked Ra into telling her his secret name and thus she had power over him and forced him to tell her the secrets of how to bring Osiris back to life. I believe it it this legend that forms the foundation as to why we select craft names and more importantly secret names.
Thank you all! this information is very useful!
I think it is plain hard work to make up and create anything. Asking for help here, from teachers, peers and whoever how to do it , I think, is a good start.

Won't the final decision be yours? This old saying applies it is not an outside job but an inside job.;)


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