Diet as in, how do you eat? Not necessarily to lose weight or maintain blood sugar, etc.

Are you vegetarian/vegan? Don't eat certain foods? Nothing processed?

And if so, is it for religious purposes or other?

Note: if you do not wish to state why, I am not forcing you to.

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I am a picky eater too. But i try to be adventurous every now and again

with the help of my doctor.  i don't  eat  pork of any  kind anymore because   i get  vilely ill when i do.  someday wanna try  a wild  boar someone has  hunted down and see  if  that would  make me sick to. 

 if  i could  i would  buy free range / grass fed meat and  dairy.  can't afford it at the  mo but i try.

 obviously  i am a HAPPY  Omnivore.  i've  been getting  more and  more away from processed foods.  their  is just to much BS crap in em to bother with.  i just realized the other day that i have  no boxed foods in my house.   couldn't remember the last time i had.  personal victory there.

ex: if i eat any amount of MSG? my  joints swell and ache.  hence, nothing with MSG or  any MSG  like  chemicals  out there. don't think the FDA fucks haven't changed the name  of  MSG..cause they have.  jut  like they  did  nutrasweet.

  ya wanna  know why  our nation is fat n getting fatter? because  the nutrition in the food isn't there anymore  for various reasons so people are eating  n eating  to get the  vital nutrients their  body is  literally die-ing (can't  remember  how to spell that  proper) for and  nadaso fatter they get.  it is true we are the most overfed  under nutritional nation in the world. 

  not so much for religious  reasons  but just Common sense reasons. 

 HA!! you and  i George have something  in common.  i don't eat  mushrooms either..    i mean it's a FUNGUS!! all i can see em as now is  a growth on some nasty  swamp dwelling creatures foot. just can't do it man! 

  so long and thanks for all the fish! :D  *snicker* 

  i can't eat  liver either.  my  mom used to make fried  liver an onions constantly and  the shit  just GROWS  in your mouth...rather starve than eat the shit. and really, WHY would you want to eat 1  of several FILTER organs? for me  just no.  hate kidneys to for that matter.  GAG  no!

i do love me some sushi...not necessarily sashimi but  sushi.  and i go off track again..*L* 

  the  older i am getting the better  i am eating.  i don't eat sugar  cause the GMO bs.  i use  honey for sweetener  or stevia.   oh Gods!! gluten free waffles real butter  n honey..*SWOON*

oh the only soy  i eat  is  tofu. soy  isn't  good  for you unless it's fermented.  now i only cook with coconut oil.   i read  alot on nutrition and  it's scary whats being done to the American food supply.

there ya have it! :D

wanted to mention i am also eating smaller  portions because i bought smaller dishes.  :D working on getting smaller silver ware that is adult sized  an non toddler.   i use salad plates rather than dinner plates stuff  like that.  smaller desert  bowls  rather than regular sized  bowls. etc

i've heard the smaller plate trick and have also tried it, it does work. tricking your eyes that is haha.

and I am similar except with ground beef. not that I physically cannot eat it, I just do not have a taste for it [which i find really funny because my gods are hindu]

i have gallbladder problems and lemme tell ya, when i eat ANY kind of pork?  OMG! it's agony.  so..i eat  turkey bacon n such.  not exactly the same? but close enough for me! suffered SUFFERED for YEARS before  i got a pc and started researching.  text book case. now, if i accidentally get pork? i have found eating sliced cucumber helps.  cures the pain within minutes! 

think i might found the smaller  non toddler  silverware.  there are  on ebay these  lil
"travel silverware " kits with a spoon, fork an chopsticks.  figuring  on buying several of those.  gonna order some next month n see.  looked at toddler silverware?  yeah no.

i always thought portion control was  bs.  but  no.  it isn't and  i LOVE my new plates!! a 10 inch plate is a serving platter  not a plate!!  gadzooks! 

  i  have weird tastes in some things.  i ADORE square dishes!!  clear glass.  found some recently at walmart, $2 each.  got  2  of the salad plates, 2  of the bowls.  when i go back gonna get to more of those.. eventually i'll have a nice set of exactly what i want.  the corners are softened rounded, but still square!! :D

  i always wondered why they didn't make canned goods square. they'd fit better  on the shelf AND  they already make spam in rectangle cans.  so why not?

 i am changing  my  habits to be healthier and  lose weight.  my health is being adversely effected by the weight so...working  on meself  inside n out to get better! :D

there are reasons besides laziness and gluttony that  i am overweight.  i get sick of hearing folks  badmouthing fat folk.  i figure when others  lives are perfect an their shit is so squared they can stack it?  THEN they can call me  out for my  bad's  till then? they need a muzzle!

 ANYWHO!! good  luck to us ALL!! and  i am proud of  all of us who are trying to get better/BE BETTER humans!! :D 


i couldn't agree more. i am sorry about your pork allergin [not sure if correct phrasing here] but at least you found ways to aid yourself!

and yes, why aren't the plates and cans square? seriously.

same reasons for myself, starting a diet similar to paleo and ugh, it's so hard but it will be worth it :D

good luck to you as well!

I am dieting to lose weight and make myself healthier again. I am not a vegan/vegetarian. I have to have meat. I do not eat certain meats though and try to eat organic, especially grass-fed meat. I have a few conditions that make it hard to lose the weight that I gained, but I am following a diet called The Fat Flush Plan that I think will help me finally with my issues. I also don't follow any diet related to religious issues.

I've never heard of that tbh, what does that entail?

I am a vegan of three years myself. I would not say it is for any religious reasons exactly other than my own ethical/moral notions.  I've also found that it does wonders for my health and my peace of mind.

I don't go out of my way to get 'organic' stuff from Trader Joe's/Wholefoods due to costs, but I get everything I need and more.
Since I am of the notion that I only get one life, I may as well enjoy it and be as healthy and compassionate as I possibly can.

how very true, thanks for sharing :D


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