How do YOU tell the difference between what is "supernatural" and what is not?

I'm not here to argue semantics in this thread, so I am going to use the lay man's term for this sake; supernatural.

My question is, if you believe in the concept of a spiritual existence how do you know when it is a supernatural occurrence and when it is not? Most people seem to differentiate what is "supernatural" and what is not. But every now and gain they note when the two, immaterial and material, intertwine at certain times. And for others not at all.

Some people believe it's all intertwined and always interacts with each other. Others forgo a belief in the supernatural all together. Our ancestors usually believed the former. Especially since they lacked knowledge about the world. That's why so many rituals are done to control nature. Whether it being appeasing emotional deities, or doing spells to control fertility of animals.

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I believe as my ancestors that it is all intertwined that there is not a line between the two realities of the physical and spiritual one affects the other. But then again I live in the middle of no where and humans have not taken over the world with their concrete and tall buildings here yet.

I actually like the word paranormal or even preternatural as apposed to supernatural. Seeing supernatural mean beyond nature or above it something not of nature. But seeing how I believe all things are intertwined then nothing unexplained could be un-natural, just unexplained by the perimeters of modern science.

In the places where humans have taken over with their big cities spirits(ghost, and such) have either fled or adapted as in the entity you see the paranormal researchers chasing about in "haunted" buildings on T.V.

 I see it a bit like this, too.

I agree with a lot of this. I'd add, that even buildings in the big cities can take on a life of their own.

I differentiate by first seeking out a mundane explanation, then if nothing scientifical or logical comes up, 

I regard it as a possible "supernatural" thing.

I don't really. If I find a normal mundane reason behind something then that's what it is, if I can't I keep myself open to the possibility that it was something "more." Which makes me feel SUPER crazy when something keeps happening and neither myself or anyone around me can explain it. I still question a ton of stuff including magic, spirits, etc, even though I believe all those things are normal and natural.


I view things in a manner similar to what Kiks described.  Because of that I tend to see the use of the term supernatural to be a misnomer.  I do, however, look to see if there are more mundane explanations for things rather than just assume something is a sign of paranormal activity.  While I do see all things as intertwined, it doesn't mean that all unusual occurrences are always the direct result of something paranormal in nature.  Sometimes there is a simple, "normal" explanation.

Personally, I've confused the two, supernatural occurrence or not, too often in my life. This has led me to the point where I hesitate to claim something is supernatural, but allow for the fact that it might be supernatural. My strong belief, or desire to believe, in the supernatural, still exists even after my many misperceptions of reality.

The strong religious upbringing of my youth, coupled to my continued exposure to people and cultures who believe in the supernatural, continue to feed my perceptions.

Recently I went through a period of anger and depression. I was thinking of hanging myself from a tree. The tree I wanted to hang myself from had appeared in my dreams. It is a tree I am very familiar with. The tree had a female spirit in its branches. The spirit reached down for me when I walked under the branches. During this angry and depressive state I took a very long walk in the Mexican countryside. I came upon a rope lying on the ground. It was a good rope, very strong, and just the right length for the tree I had in mind. It was a smelly rope. It had a pungent smell, it smelled like a rope used for death. It seemed like a supernatural event, finding the perfect rope, when such a need or desire for one was in my mind. I carried the rope with me and became attached to the rope. I have since lost my desire to hang myself, but I feel an attachment to the rope, strangely supernatural in some way, or morbidly coincidental. The rope has become part of me; it reflects a dark side of death within my being, a strangely powerful and attractive desire to be free, to explore the other side of reality. It has become supernatural, the dirty, smelly rope is no longer mundane, it is no longer natural, and it has become a supernatural tool with power to bind unto death. So the not so supernatural became very supernatural within the confines of a twisted, tormented brain. The two merged, in a not so delicate balance between life and death.

The state of anger in this experience I described could possibly have supernatural roots according to one brujo I talked to recently. He called the condition “La Mohina.” It is characterized by a strong emotional state of uncontrollable anger that is long persisting and thought of as a morbid entity. One becomes very angry and may become so angry that you can't get over it, possibly leading to death.

I was very moved by the description of your experience. I'm glad you are still with us!

Thank you Nancy

This is a little strange, but probably not supernatural in any way, when I was out walking in the countryside today I found another good hanging rope. This one was hanging in a tree already, as you can see from the picture. It may have been left there as a warning to people entering the area. I left it there as I still have the rope I became attached to at home.

Someone using the old school warnings of a hanging tree?


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