i want to know how to safely contact Aliester Crowley

any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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The process of contacting Aleister Crowley would be the same as contacting any other spirit.

  • First of all, protect your space. However is your usual manner- white light of protection, sacred circle, white candles/black candles. 
  • Create a sacred space. It could be as big or as small as you feel necessary. Free from clutter, yet filled with things that are of spiritual importance to you. Crystals, herbs, etc... In your case, something that is especially connected to Crowley-- a book or a picture. Even might want to consider keeping pen and paper handy if you're considering writing down any messages you may receive during your contact. 
  • Once in your sacred space, set your intention for communication. Get clear about the experience that you want to have and be sure to set boundaries and state your intention firmly. If you are uncertain whether the spirit you wish to connect with may be harmful or not, you can call upon your spirit guides to act as a "gatekeeper" between the two of you. This is a good option if you are dealing with any unknown spirits in your house or if you are a first-timer when it comes to connecting. The main thing to remember is to trust your gut- if you get a weird feeling or sense something is off, stop immediately and cleanse your space by smudging, ceremonial purification. 
  • Talk to Crowley as if he were right there with you. Be open to any number of ways he might communicate. You might hear an actual voice, receive visions, or just notice a difference in the way your body feels. 
  • When you have come to the end of your time with Crowley, state that you are done and thank him for his attention. You'll then want to cleanse the area again- with sage, bells, etc. 

Tried to keep this simple, as I tend to get wordy sometimes. You can ask me any questions if I've not covered something sufficiently.

Any particular reason you want to talk to him?


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