I have been having a hard time with casting my own spells. A lot of my negative beliefs and emotions hold me back keeping my spells or magic from working. I have been working on these things for years as they come from past abuse and it's been real hard overcoming this negativity. It has stopped so much from coming to me in my life to be able to manifest anything at all and I currently did a love spell last month with no results. It seemed like it has been working but then up to a certain point where I felt like the person I was trying to be with was in love for a short while now it seems as if it's running out. All of these negative emotions and beliefs are coming up to the surface that I am realizing is how I have been blocking myself in the past and would not have realized until now. But this person I want to be with I know is the one but I don't know how to take it any further or just to wait a little longer. It's like I can feel the energy and her in my heart as if maybe the spell is working but at the same time I am trying to control my emotions. It seemed like everything was going good between us and now everything is sour.

Does anyone have any suggestions or do you think I need a spell caster service or someone to cast a spell for me that may be a more powerful working spell?

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That's a good point Barry but to play devils advocate, is a specific person love spell like rape, or is it more akin to wearing your best clothes and trying to be engaging and seductive? Does it depend on the spell?

They are both great points. My intentions are not exactly like that at all. After thinking about it, spell or no spell I don't care anymore about the spell, I am just going to be me and if I get her I do, if not oh well.

Is showing more cleavage to try to get a bigger tip violating my free will to be a cheapskate? lol.

Jason- if you take away a person's choice and they have sex with you as a result, then I would say it is rape.. If you cast a spell that makes you more attractive/ charming, then you are dressing up. If you have an example in mind that is more specific, I'll be happy to give you my ruling. :)
Lochlan- that sounds like a betterwway to go.

Why dont you ask her out? If she declines then cast a spell that you find someone to love or that she (whoever she may be) finds you...or both. Try sigil magic. It's easy.



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