I have been having a hard time with casting my own spells. A lot of my negative beliefs and emotions hold me back keeping my spells or magic from working. I have been working on these things for years as they come from past abuse and it's been real hard overcoming this negativity. It has stopped so much from coming to me in my life to be able to manifest anything at all and I currently did a love spell last month with no results. It seemed like it has been working but then up to a certain point where I felt like the person I was trying to be with was in love for a short while now it seems as if it's running out. All of these negative emotions and beliefs are coming up to the surface that I am realizing is how I have been blocking myself in the past and would not have realized until now. But this person I want to be with I know is the one but I don't know how to take it any further or just to wait a little longer. It's like I can feel the energy and her in my heart as if maybe the spell is working but at the same time I am trying to control my emotions. It seemed like everything was going good between us and now everything is sour.

Does anyone have any suggestions or do you think I need a spell caster service or someone to cast a spell for me that may be a more powerful working spell?

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Well thank you for the insight. Do you have any ideas where to look for a legitimate spell caster? Thanks.

Legimate spell caster? Anyone can cast a spell. Its about the will of the caster and the energy put into it.

That's exactly what I mean by legitimate.

You've self-analyzed the beejeebers outta the situation. All that's left is to BELIEVE yourself worthy of what you seek and expect the best possible outcome. Learn to think like what you seek has already happened.

Mary Meet all
OK so let me make sure I have the facts right, you cast a spell to take away another person's free will because YOU feel that you can run her life better than she can and YOU have the right to tell her who she must love and who she can't. Right well first off that's not a Love spell that's an entrapment spell, a love spell is a spell to bring the right person into your life, the person the universe deems best for you at that time not the one you feel is best. Now to do a entrapment spell you will have to stock up on Venus fly traps, because just like thy entrap their pry and devour it you are trying to entrap a norther persons free will and devour it. Also those spells are only good for about 1 month at a time and ALWAYS end badly.Is it possible that you may feel down deep that it is wrong to control a nether person and so your holding your self back some, ( at least that's what I'm hoping for).

Oh no not the controlling of someone else's will thing again. Clue all magic is controlling and it's all your will against someone else's and to get what you want when you cast you are indeed putting your needs above another person's will or desire. That is what witchcraft is simple.

"Clue all magic is controlling and it's all your will against someone else'"
I'm sorry but I can't disagree with you more. not in Any spell that I have done have I ever tried to control some ones free will or them at all. For one reason I don't feel that I have or are living my life so well that now I have Enif time or that I'm so perfect that I now have the right to control some one Else. Even when I do a protection spell it is not to change Any one it is just to keep some one from getting hert, the person can still attack but its like a person once told me you can do Any thing in the world you wont and can think of, but you have to remember that there is this little thing attached to it called a price tag, some are good and some are bad and you better be ready to pay it becouse every thing comes with a coust and the universe will make Sher you pay it (also known as Carma).
"when you cast you are indeed putting your needs above another person's will or desire."
I'm sorry but when I cast I don't put my needs or desires above Any one Else's I do not think that I am so important that I am Any better than the lowest person on the earth. My God complex is not that high. Or as I tell people "I may be Abel to walk on watter but only in the winter in the north after its been Reilly coled for a long time"
I'm sorry that you feel the way you do and I know that there is nothing that I can say or do to Chang you, I just wonted you to know that your thinking that that way is dogma and that is the way the world is, is not true it is only that way if you make it so.

Karma is a religious idea and has nothing beyond personal morals to do with witchcraft. Karma is neither a part of my spirituality nor my craft and there are a lot of people like me that doesn't follow the eastern way of thinking when it comes to karma. You choose to and that is all well and good but not everyone does.

The god complex statement is in my opinion is you clinging to the Abrahamic ideology that selfish or self serving is a bad thing/sin. I am a human plain and simple I just don't let other humans morals affect my morals. That doesn't make me a god, it just makes me self aware that I am more than the dogma that keeps people down and in their proper place so they can be controlled for the good of someone else.

Well to start with if this is what you believe to be your forever love then a love spell just isn't the way to go. Reasons: Love is the strongest of emotions and it's only two degrees away from hate which is the second strongest emotion. So you can very easily bugger up and make her hate you just as easily as love you and if your asking about hiring someone to cast for you then you don't have the skill to cast a strong enough spell to force love or make her hate you.

So I suggest you accept a little responsibility here. Cast an attraction spell and then impress your lady love enough for her to fall for you. You can cast attraction spells repeatedly but it all comes down to you and not magic in the end to get her to fall head over heels for you or not.

Now if you want a quick roll in the hay I have a simple spell that one of your level of experience can cast that will work every time.

Now about hiring someone else to cast for you, unless you know them personally and seen their ability then just remember the reason you yourself shouldn't cast a love spell because if they are all show and no go ya could end up with her hating your for ever. Beside a really good caster cost a lot of money and unless you have a trust fund you should spend that money on your lady to impress her.

Honestly to me it seems like you need to figure out if this is the best path for you to take or to try and find someone else. A good divination may also be in order as to why this isn't working out for you. It could be you but it could also be that she may not really be all that interested.

Hey great answers and replies here. Thanks everyone it made me think a little. No I am not exactly  trying to control anyone's will. It's not my true intent. What got me started was the fact I wasn't even interested at all in this girl until she started doing little things at work that made me wonder. Like folding my clothes, noticing me more, telling me things she sees in appearances, putting her hand on my head and rubbing my head, and touching me a lot, just sitting me down with her and telling me all about her life and her friends and what not. I opened up to her telling her how i felt about her and a lot of things myself about me. All of this I guess had my emotions running wild for her as I never looked at her as a prospect before. She actually started showing me more affection and talking to me later in the day after I wrote this. Because I asked her about how she was doing and if she felt mad or anyway towards me and she talked to me in a really sweet and loving voice as if she were in love as that is the same tone I have talked to those in my past that I loved. All of the signs are there.

I have two points to make , one from a theoretical stance & the other from a moral point of view. When you cast a spell, you are attempting to cause a desired change in events via your will. If you are weak willed and she is strong willed, your spell will fail. Also, magic has a lot to do with the power of belief, if you doubt your skills, you will fail.
Do you believe it is wrong to kidnap and rape someone? Do you think it is wrong to hypnotize someone and make them do things they wouldn't normally do? Then why do you think it is okay to do the same with magic? If you won't do it via mundane means, then you shouldn't attempt it via magical means.
Yeah, there are spell casters that can do it for a fat fee. They will have to have no problem with brain washing, rape and kidnapping. They will have to be good enough to overcome her will and your disbelief. They're out there & so are the con artists.


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