Hi! I'm an intuitive painter?spiritual painter which means that I sometimes have no clue what I'm painting until I'm done! 

Normally I draw inspiration from music and I like to paint to meditation and spiritual music, mostly native American music and today I decided to listen Egyptian and painted this! 

I don't know if these are real signs? But I thought to ask! 

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Thank you so much for the translation! I would have never figured out this on my own!

Being an intuitive painter is interesting and sometimes scary because I rarely have control over what I'm painting! It is also a lot of fun because of that! :) I have painted a few paintings before this one with weird signs on it. 

And btw I'm Swedish! :)

And I can't thank you enough for this! :)

Wow! This is beyond deep! And that is all from a painting? :) Amazing! :) 

So the painting is pretty much saying that we need to go back to the basics ones again learn to live off the land, which also means that we need to respect the land and have a relationship with it in order to survive? 

I hope you don't mind if I ask you to translate 3 other paintings? I have been trying to find who can tell me someone can tell me what they mean! 

That's really interesting to say the least. I have no interpretation except sometimes when I'm well in my practice I auto write. But this looks amazing!

Thank you! It's more like I'm being guided and something is telling me what to paint and comes in stages and in details, so I have clue what the picture looks like until I'm done.
My art never comes out the way I think. Most time I never know what I'm drawing until ibstart drawing. That part of me can he intuitive or it's my emotions. But Tue auto writing is very odd fornme especially when the person I'm writing about is right next to me and I have them read it.
Wow! I thought that it might have been something to my art, but not quite so deep! :) And thank you again for wanting to help me with this!

I also just thought about something when I was painting one night and I heard or felt two words 2-3 times "Silva Infante"
As far I understand after some research they are names and means "Forest Child" I wonder if that can be a title or something? I do walk a lot to the forest and I have favorite small mountain top where I like to pray to The goddess and The horned God.

And also when I paint I kind if make it into a ritual and surround myself with candles and and often say a little prayer to the goddess and the horned God. Thought one day to do the same thing and write and this is what I wrote.

"Seek in the distance over the mountain covered in snow, the beauty of the sky.

Sing with the wolfs the lore of the north and ride the tide to expand your true self goal.

Pray with the forest our holy alliance and weep with nature your deepest desire.

Crawl from your space and feel the sky, to send your love to the goddess and God.

Erase your debts, past and mind, fall into oblivion to arise with light.

Call the mountain, water and life increase your soul with a dedicated sight.

Wow! This is all so deep! I wonder if this is a universal truth that God resides in Earth and not heaven? But then again there's many gods and goddess! :) I can't thank you enough for doing this! No I had n o idea that the painting was in some kind of order! This is very interesting.

I painted another painting today that required almost all my energy to finish. Before I started to paint this I asked the goddess and the god to show me the Celtic and the Norse ways and to show me my next Tattoo.

Art is like a Rorschach inkblot test.

It can mean whatever you want it to mean.

The one on right looks like a wampum belt.  The one on the left looks like some sort of snakeskin with pseudo runes painted on it.

Exactly.  It's subjective.

It can mean whatever you want it to mean.


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