I want to share some interesting stories about how my father reminds us he cares from beyond the grave

I want to share these stories with all of you here because sometimes our loved ones don't move on after their passing. There are actually quite a few here so read through one or two then come back and finish the rest later, but I do hope you enjoy them and get some kind of peace from them as well. Though they may be gone, they will not be forgotten.

My father passed away 9 years ago today, January 18. He was a strange man that I can't say I new very well. I know he left this world with unfinished business and he reminds me every year that he is still around in spirit. The best way to describe his I think is Redneck, cowboy, trucker. He was gruff but kind and a bit of an asshole. He would do anything for anybody and refused to take payment in return. He took a lot of offense to being paid for favors. He also had a very bad temper, if you managed to make him angry he would not forgive you. He went to his grave not speaking to his own father. He died after a year long battle against lung cancer and left several things unfinished.


I'll start with the very first instance of his meddling from the beyond. He was a highly respected member of the local coastguard. He commanded a local base and patrolled Lake Ontario after 911. He always performed the services for members that passed. He was adamant that he was not to have the large service that he deserved. The head commander of the cost-guard would not have it and set up a large service for him. A whole platoon was slated to come from the state capital to perform the service and they also covered the cost to the entire service. We had no snow going into the day of the funeral but the very morning of the service a large snow storm blew in dropping 2 ft of snow per hour across the entire state halting all traffic. The platoon could not make the trip in the weather so some of my dads closest friends and members of the coast guard performed the service. All of us that were closest to him knew that it was him that made the snow storm and blanketed the state in the worst storm in several years. He was just that much of an ass really that he'd do what ever it took to get what he wanted. Despite the weather over 200 people still showed up so his plans were still a bit in vain.

THE BEASTThe next story is one that is still on going. My dad wanted to make sure that he left us with a reliable vehicle before he passed and poored the last of his strength into trying to fix our 1992 dodge ramcharger, a vehicle that despite only being 22yrs old is extremely rare. He started rebuilding the body on it but quickly became to ill to finish it before he passed. We drove it half restored for a few months and even drove it to the funeral. It was so cold that me and my sister had to keep rubbing holes through the frost on the windows so my mother could drive the mile to the funeral home. But shortly after that we managed to break the hubcaps on it, being a 4x4 it become unsafe to drive without the locking caps working, and sent it over to my fathers best friend to fix it. We only got it back once before we had to send it back to get something else fixed. Every time my dads friend would fix something and get ready to return it to us something else would break. This happened 5 or so times before my mother became to ill to work and keep putting money into it and its sat at the friends house since. My mother got sick and passed away and the truck was given to my sister, she tried putting money into it 4 years after that and the same thing happened. It then sat for another 4 years until I finally convinced my sister to give it to me. My father wanted it 100% before we could get it back so he's kept it broke. We've picked up working on it again now that I am old enough to drive and own vehicles and have a license. My fathers friend has been so kind as to keep it stored safe and keep working on it each time one of us has taken an interest in it again. I think the message my father is trying to convey is that he wants it 100% finished, so instead of just trying to make it drivable like my mother and sister, my dads friend and I are now working to fully restore it. We finally have all the parts to put the beast back together (the trucks nickname) and I hope that my dad will finally be satisfied so I can finally lay his ashes to rest by driving him in to the Adirondack mountains where he wanted to be spread.

REVENGE ON A FRIENDAfter my mother passed away 3 yrs after my fathers passing a good friend of both my mother and father adopted my sister and I. Shortly after that she moved into the house with us where we grew up and started looking for someone to help fix it up. Another friend of my father stepped up and started to work on the house. My "aunt" as we call her now for ease of explaining our complicated situation and phil started dating shortly there after. Long story short he conned a lot of money out of my aunt and left us with a half finished kitchen and no sink for 6 months. Sometime around new years phil left our house to head home and was talking to pam one the phone, we had just been discussing how angry my father would be at phil for the bs he was pulling. Then we hear a loud noise from the phone and phil cursing, crap the cap on my truck just flew off the truck and out into a field I'm going to have to let you go I need to go get it. As soon as he got it back the the truck he called us again. While he was talking over the phone we heard an on crap again, the wind grabbed the cap and it went flying back into the field again. This happened a second time after its retrieval once he was back on the phone with us again. This time he called his son to come help him with it. Once his son got there and they had it back at the truck he called us a 4th time to say they got it. This time a violent wind grabbed it, took it 100 ft in the air and slammed it down into the ground 3 times smashing the cap to bit while he was on the phone with us. One time is coincidence, 2 times is unlikely, 3 times has a reason, and 4 means you better get the message. My dad did not like it when people got screwed over, especially when its to use and by his friends. He was pissed and we all got the feeling that it was my father who messed with phil that day.


I have a beat up 2002 saturn, a car that my father would absolutely hate. We always had trucks or large SUVs. Last winter, this time of year I contemplated purchasing a truck because winters here are some of the worst in the United States. My car was not going to get me to school up hill on back roads thorough the city in bad weather. My heat quit on me in -22 degree weather and I was freezing to death trying to get to school. It quit on me right when I found an old 1993 stupidly large chevy silverado for less than $3000 with 10,000 miles on the engine and transmission, with working heat. I had test driven the 21 year old truck and really liked it despite its old age and rust. I was debating on weather or not to buy it when while shoveling the drive way right around he 18th my only key to the car got lost in the snow and I could not find it for anything. I believe my dad stole my key in a message saying. "Stop driving that piece of sit car and buy the damn truck." which I promptly did after replacing he key to the car. Now I did not sell the car, I still have it and the chevy. This year, Today, almost exactly a year later, while finally contemplating selling the car and made motions to do so this last week, while driving back from getting a can of beer to leave as an offering to him in remembrance, one of the straps holding my gas tank up on the car broke... The message is obviously the same as it was last year, buy a new car.

I think most people wouldn't pay attention to such subtle messages let alone realize that these are messages. But I see them that way. I feel it, the love through the assholeness that my father uses to show that he cares. Each one of these occurrences happen when something he influenced in life is involved, or right after he is thought of, especially on the anniversary of his death or right around then. I don't know what his beliefs where in life but I know in death me still teaches me and guides me when he can.

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