i was reading this and well i got super mad! i want all of you to please read it and post what you think below. I got mad out of pure frustration!

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"For those who understand....no explanation is needed.....for those who don't understand.....no explanation is possible...
Dips**t probably watches too much T.V. and "thinks" he "knows" what it is all about.......Narrow minded people.....
Pissed me off too, but consider the source.
thank u Amadeus i honor and respect that.... i was just really mad at the tone that was taken! any more?
I agree.....being true to oneself and not worrying about the "adder tounges" of the world is the true form of realness!
ok ? we see that u r upset about something can u please show me the reason u r upset and why all the group of us are so upset blessed me
angel click the underlined word this.... u will see it is a link to a popular website with ignorant people
That thing was written by some unintellient piece of shit and isnt worth your energy to get upset about. As my Momma always says..."Consider the source," Then its easy to dismiss.
Hi Ben! =)

The guy is obviously an uneducated f***face with way too much time on his hands. It didn't piss me off, just annoyed me because of how unintelligent this person proves to be. "Wiccunz"? Ugh. Although, it did irk me the way he said we have screen names like "Stabmahart666" or whatever he said, because really, I don't know any Wiccans that are so emo lol And yeah, 666....we Wiccans ALWAYS use that! LOL I have never been so happy or free since becoming a Wiccan!
Bah, don't waste your energy on that f***tard. We know who we are =)
wouldn't it be great to meet who ever posted that, and show them what we can really do? LOL You have to remember Benjamin, only other pagans truly understand and respect who and what you are. Who cares what some uninformed idiot has to say? :) did you go down and read some of the comments? One guy went off on him. or was that you??
twasent i in fact i dident honor him with any of my comments at all!
I think it's hysterical. The more I read the more I laughed. DunDunDun! LMAO!
so i take it as the following .... do as you will... but laugh at the uneducated for their lack of knowledge and behavior... but at least have the decency to laugh at urself even if things are wrong.... basicly saying.... take everything with a grain of salt and u will get through it all?
I don't worry about what anyone else thinks of my beliefs. I laugh at myself all the time and I try not to take myself too seriously. I've found that the more serious and intense I try to come off in my beliefs, the more delight that the gods take in showing me the error of my ways. How seriously can I take myself when I am in grand poobah mode and trip over my robe? Or while in the middle of a litany to the gods, belch or fart? Done all of them and got the t shirts.
Someone else coming up with a list of stereotypes that I am already more than aware of is funny as it is so far from my truth as to be in another dimension. The person is obviously looking to get some sort of reaction out of people, getting them all riled up and posting to their blog. They can then take all the posts and say "See, I was right all along, look at this list of losers that claim to be Wiccan (DUNDUNDUN), look at their whiny little responses." I like my energy and my time too much to give it to someone that I care nothing about and will never meet.
Besides, I've met people who act just like the blogger is talking about and they are funny. "Oooooh, Look at me, I am a 32nd level High Priestess of Moo Goo Gai Pan and I just turned 18. Look at me, I am so dark and bad, everyone should be/is afraid of me. Look at me......" It's attention seeking that's all but it is amusing to listen to and wonder if these people acting like this really buy into their own publicity.


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