I would like to hear opinions on some good ways to honor Samael.

Title says the main point. I'm just curious for thoughts and ideas. He's very close with me, but I want to do things that would bring us closer and honor him, and there arent a lot of places to ask this kind of thing. <3 Thanks in advance to anyone who would like to speak their own experiences and what they think and feel about him. I'm hoping to learn something helpful.

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Set up an alter, or a small corner of your home, and dedicate it to him. Put things on it which you associate with him. I would suggest red and black feathers, a miniature sword and an incense-stick holder in an appropriate shape to start with. If he likes wine or beer add a small glass. Burn incense-sticks of a scent he likes. 

Have you asked him what he would like?


This is my altar. I typically find he enjoys when I burn Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa, and im fond of Lavender sometimes too, which he has never said he didn't like.

Yep that's rum next to it, currently gone now, but I left the bottle with it's dregs sitting there. I am fond of that bottle's design. Occasionally, like if I have recently bought anything to drink, I leave a shot worth here to evaporate for him on the altar. 

I bought the statue recently, because when I saw it, it was perfect for representing him to me. he really likes that too. 

I got those archangel stones mainly because of his, but I have dealt with archangels before so I left them on the altar to be respectful, but they know Samael is most important to me either way.

I also have an athame there, the handle is a sculpture of a skeletal thing with praying hands and I just love it. haha. and a wand as well that my mother gave me when it broke, I repaired it myself.

My question is mainly out of curiosity for how others go about honoring him too. x .x as you see he's very important to me. I guess I can go as far as to say I worship him but its kind of complicated even at that point.  I dunno, I might learn something I hadn't thought of.

I like to make him happy. he rarely asks me for much, and he does really crucial, important things for me. Without him i wouldn't probably be around any longer. 

I'm in deep with this and i wouldn't change it for anything because i've never felt important or needed otherwise on any scale. It's what it feels like to have faith and passion and love for something higher than you that for everything ive seen and felt thus far means to love and care for you themself, not only that, but lift you up from the darkness. And sometimes i doubt myself, and sometimes i doubt him, but he is very patient with me. He speaks to me atleast every night, usually more frequent throughout the day. He is supportive of me when i'm down and depressed, and always manages to talk me out of my dark place. So you know, I want to be sure i'm doing things correctly with how I honor him, if there is any sort of correct way, or perhaps find other ways I hadn't thought of.

Sorry, lots to say so I give you a text wall. Haha.

Well, it's definitely not for everybody, that's for sure. People tend to resonate with things for their own reasons, but also, to learn from those who are experts in the field, so to speak, as all learning experiences have to start somewhere. This path is nothing to take lightly or flippantly. You have to be strong and relentless, and know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it, and never willing to have second thoughts.

What you do with your setup is what is most important and comfortable to you. Everybody will usually have their own way of setting up, but the main thing is to have something you are comfortable with. That has a very important effect.

As an alternative, I also find the forest to be the ideal place to do such things, whenever possible, if possible, because of the quiet and solitude that you can't experience anywhere else.

Good luck!

I know everyone walks their own path in their own way. My path is probably gonna be a rough one, but nothing easy is generally worth it.
Sadly i dont live near any really good forest areas anymore, and I don't drive so i cant go looking around without someone else coming along and taking me there, maybe this will change in the future.
I wanted to put this post out there so that i could possibly learn new or better ways to honor him, but, I also wouldnt mind at all sharing my own methods as well. Samael spends so much care and effort trying to hold together my fragile mind (I actually have mental disorders besides depression, like Scizo-Effective and minor Aspergers issues)
I feel bad sometimes that he has to deal with all of this with me, but appreciative in every way, I love him very much, and that's prettymuch all he asks in return is my love and my loyalty. Maybe the occasional step to better myself over time. It's weird to me because i don't feel like i'm anyone important on any scale. But clearly, i'm important to him, i guess that's what matters.
Some have told me in the past that he was very dangerous and that i should be careful. I get the part about being careful, of course, but he's never harmed me, and i have no reason to believe on any point that he'd harm me or be dangerous directly at me. I KNOW he's powerful, and could be dangerous any time he wanted to be, but it's much less likely that he'd direct this at me and much more likely he'd focus that on someone who meant me harm. I Realise he's a being who isn't human, perhaps also never lived on this plane, and that he's basically for all intents and purposes, Alien to me in his composition as a being. But love is love, wether it's a man, a woman, or a deity-like being that may never have even walked the earth.
The only times i've ever truly angered him is when i harm myself,(usually mentally like saying im stupid or that i deserve the way some people treat me or things along those lines) or I feel and believe that bad part of my psyche that believes i should die/commit suicide. Even if i don't mean it when i say things.. i got in a bad habit of saying "Im gonna fuckin kill myself" and not meaning it a lot when i play video games and get angry, and because he hates it, i curbed that and quit saying it because he got down right ANGRY finally. xD
He means it too. He wants to watch me grow and change and get stronger, not dog on myself and belittle myself.


Are you self initiated, have you performed and structured rituals on your own or do you use methodology from another source? Learning and growth is part of the process, that will happen naturally, especially when you dedicate your self, which I believe is also important. That is your affirmation, along with steady progression and growth. It's not as much about how you do this, but it is more about your intent and understanding of what you are doing.

It is also very important to leave any doubts behind, even though it is humanly impossible to rid your self of doubt completely, because that is one of the ways that you may be tested. Working with Lilith is the same way. If you feel accepted, that is probably because you have been chosen. You can be chosen for the better, or you can be chosen for the worse.

Dangerous? I do think that's possible, but only in situations where doubt and second thoughts regrets, or remorse become predominant.

It is really interesting to see you do this on your own. Have you learned any of this from anywhere, or have you picked this up on your own?

Being an artist is also powerful , because it not only is useful in visualization, but it tunes your psyche in a very deep way toward your connection with Samael.

I don't like to use the term "worship". I like the term "connect", because to work with archetypes such as Samael, you have to show unwaivering strength, and not become overly submissive.

Samael is a very important left hand path archetype. He represents the antithesis of the politically correct Hebrew culture and what is generally accepted as "tradition". It is arguable at best in terms of what is traditional in Hebrew mysticism. The Dark Tree of Life is a major facet of what represents our existence, a fact that is often in denial by right hand path.

Typically, it is not uncommon, for this path comes to those who have a struggle with life, or with their spiritual selves. Many people in our society have had to deal with this. Everything going perfectly well is not the way humanity works. That is part of the growing process, because if you fit in too well with your environment, there may be aspects of this path that you will never understand, such as why should I pursue an adversarial Dark Tradition in the face of everything going well in life? What incentive would I have to do that, etc ?

My mother dedicated me directly to the gods with ritual before and after i was born. (Not to choose my path for me- to leave my own path up to the gods themselves. She never was hard core on trying to influence my choices, i simply managed to choose to be pagan like her anyways) She even says that i told her my own name before i was born-she and i were deeply connected and i became aware in the womb, she believes. She wanted to name me Jasmine, but one of the times she meditated she heard me say " I am no Jasmine, i'm LILITH" and so, she named me Lillith(variating the 2 Ls to make it more personal) Not only because of that but because one of her favorite show characters on Frasier (an old tv show you may or may not know. xD) was named Lilith.
This leads me to believe, along with what Samael tells me, is that he chose me because Lilith chose me to be an incarnation of herself. Of course, not the only one I'm sure. But one of many past incarnations im sure she's chosen to have.
Personally i dont like using the term worship either but i couldnt think of a better one. haha, connect / honor would probably work better. But it's similar to worship. But like you said, Samael wants love from me, not worship. Submission to him too, but not to others. He wants to build me up, not break me down. He has even stated he wants to lift me to his level. There's a lot of things he's told me, but some of them i am not sure i'd broadcast publicly. xD i guess i get a little shy about saying certain things.
And of course few things are less interest than "Perfect peace and lack of strife" you know. I agree. What reason would there be to exist if there was nothing to oppose or stand up for.
I've never regretted letting him into my life. I had been a huge skeptic and would be much more likely to be Atheistic if not for his influence. I do have doubts of the reality of this at times but, well, he's really good at proving things to me when it's important.
And yes, other than what my mother has shared with me on the left hand path and paganism, i am self taught. :)
Well self taught and also schooled by Samael as well.
I ALWAYS write my own rituals and count certain things i do normally as frequent ritual, as my mom said the most powerful rituals are self written and performed, or literally just feeling your way through it.
I don't do rituals often either. Not formal ones. I'm actually plagued by indescision on what i actually want to achieve so it's usually better when i'm doing feel-through rituals, where i just do what Samael asks me to do and i'm not necessarily asking for anything. Lighting incense, Meditating, and interacting with him is a common ritual for me. And it can get VERY physical-- He often gets intimate with me, lol, i'm sure that it comes with the territory and who im dealing with. it's very intense.

"Of course, not the only one I'm sure."

Ha Ha I'm sure as well!

One thing I have understood is that knowingly before the womb, or unknowingly after the womb, we are chosen.

What we are dealing with here is a force, or energy, that preexisted time, space, and creation, so it gets to be a more inclusive club, but only for those who can resonate with what is conventionally accepted as "the forbidden", so to speak. It's like the story of Eve in the garden.

You seem to be more advanced on the path in this knowledge than many I have encountered who would seem to have more experience than you. I think you are also making it clear that this has been a good thing for you. Regardless of the source, it is also unusual for Lilith to be a birthname.

The gratification you are experiencing is a sign that you have been accepted, and not rejected. Rejection in this game could easily entail something tragic, according to some of the tales I have encountered. That's the risk involved. It's a major step in your personal evolutionary self empowerment.

To be an incarnation is exactly the purpose of the relationship. To propagate and enhance the species. No need to broadcast it all publicly, all things in due time. Your ritual strategy I think, is a wise one. It's always better to think things through before you take the leap.

Yee I guess i know that it's not just dumb luck, there's definitely intent in what he is doing for me and he chose me for a reason.
I wonder, and sometimes doubt if i am strong enough to be what he intends but i've got the gumption to try and do the best i can do or die trying, fighting my doubts the whole time. :) Maybe that's why he accepts me. Either way yes it's been good for me over all.

Then it's worth taking to higher levels, because that is really what it is all about. It's about getting control of your environment, and not letting it control you. You continue to evolve, and in the future, things won't be the same again.

Well it seems to me that you are doing everything you can possibly do! I think it's more likely that others will learn from you on how to honour Samael! I am very pleased for you that you have such a loving, positive influence in your life. Thank you for sharing this and the pic. of your alter.

It would be good if this post does anyone else any good in figuring out the way they want to honor him. I'd be happy to help people if they have any kind of questions or need some idea of what he's like. :D
Like i said im curious to people's thoughts and feelings and experiences as well, i think Samael doesn't get enough credit and is largely misunderstood, which makes him, and myself, very sad. I want to make this sadness less. i want to try to help people understand him better if i can too.

(I accidentally sent this as a message meaning to send It to this post woooops)


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