Since it is a new year , a new decade and all that jazz . If there was one thing you could change about yourself . What would it be ?

Mine would be my tendency to get negative . Sometimes no matter how hard I try to see all the good in my life all I see is the failures . Ohh there's another one... self criticism and doubt ! How bout you ?

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I am a bit of ocd as well , that is where the negative thinking and self doubt gets bad , I have been lucky my whole life with no allergies..
I would like to fall in love again...its been a lonely decade since my heart skipped a beat...
How romantic .. I wish I was at an age I even thought that was still a possibility .. Good luck in 2010 it may just be your year
Thanks long as there is life, there is hope. Have a wonderful 2010 also :)
My ability to have patience with people who are judgemental
I agree , judgemental people get to me to ... I let them disturb my peace far more than need be


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