Hey Guys!

As some of you know, I was part of a Baptist Church, being ChristoPagan, in hiding.

Well, I "came out" to the church, they politely told me to hop it, and over the past week I've learned so much about myself, I discovered who I am, that I'm Pagan through and through, and...I've returned! And I ain't going nowhere!

I love you guys!

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The pets are doing great, I've got a Flatcoated Retriever pup as well now, she's adorable!  I've named her Shaylee, it's Celtic for "Fairy Princess in the Field".

How are you Rob? Not spoke in a while! :)

Welcome back, and congrats on your revelation.  =]
Welcome back! *hugs* it was brave for you to come out to your church. Did they really tell you to "hop it"?

For three long years I hid my beliefs and thoughts, trying to "fit in" with what they said, (looking back I don't know why I bothered).  I became ChristoPagan, hoping that by being so they would accept me.  Then when I came out to them, they began referencing the witch-burnings and one of them said "You are still welcome to attend church", but the way they said it was betraying what they said. And "please do not do this or that" etc.  And telling me that until I accept Jesus as my true saviour blah-de-blah, they basically told me that ChristoPaganism wasn't an actual religion, without even looking it up or doing any research.  In more way than one they were telling me they didn't want me around, which prompted me to really LOOK at my beliefs, I realised that I was being ChristoPagan in the hope that they would accept me somehow.

So, here I am.  I've lost friends, (or what I thought was friends) but I'm ME!

*hugs tightly* It deeply upsets me to see you treated in such a fashion. What you did was brave that you had the courage to stand up for what you believe in and go forth with your beliefs.
Thank you Psyche! I actually feel FANTASTIC now that I'm out in the open!
Empowered ........aye,that's it!!!
Freeing isn't it? :)
Welcome home....
SLAINTE!!  My wee Clan Gordon sister!!! How grande!! SEE?
Hi! I'm happy that you've learned about yourself! It sounds like you are very pleased with the results of this little journey. It's great that you no longer have to hide, I've been there once and it wasn't fun. But the important part is that you are back and out in the open, I think thats awesome! :)

I'm new myself, so I don't know you, but welcome back regardless, and congratulations on coming out!

Looking forward to seeing you in the forum.



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