I was looking through my history books and looking up various historical conspiracy theories the other day and realized that there are origins and fates of certain civilizations, people, groups, and practices that are simply unknown or are sketchy at best.  It seems like a mystery about their origins and fate.  

The Lost Roanoke Colony can be said as an example of this.  So, what are some historical topics like what was mentioned that interest you or that you've simply been interested in that fit this mold?

Go ahead and share! 

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Yep, I remember that.  Wasn't there a reference to it in one of the Godfather films?

Godfather III

This is fairly recent, but the Dyatlov Pass Incident. 


Aren't they making a movie about this?

I always wondered about the origins of the Amazon myth.  Did a real society of female warriors exist in ancient Asia Minor, or somewhere in that area?  It's quite within the realm of possibility.  No evidence exists for a whole culture of warrior women, as described in Greek myths, at least none that I know of.   But there may well have been such a group as part of a larger culture, something like the women warriors of Dahomy, or even like Gaddafi's all-female body guard.  There are several theories, but they are all speculative.  We will never know.  

the way  alot  of guys are acing these days? i could EASILY see  a  bunch of women tossing heir  hands  in the air and wandering  off an starting & thriving community of women only.  *shrug* i think the  idea  is  really  cool.

Amanda, I have read about the graves of females being found in Asia, around Mongolia that were buried with weapons. Nearby other graves were found of males, in their graves were found, pottery and sometimes the bones of children, indicating the kids were theirs. Usually the children are buried with their mothers. It's thought that these graves maybe those of the legendary Amazons. If I find the story again I'll post the link!

I'm not sure it matters. The Aztec pantheon is a compilation of the Toltec and Chichimec gods, which is what the Aztec themselves are made of. The Toltecs were of course, an entire civilization and the Chichimecs were nomads. It's impossible to determine where Aztlan was.

Unknown knowing knowingly knowledgeable

Conspiracy theories have been around as long as government, religion, land-ownership, commerce and cultural boundaries. As civilization progresses (or digresses, depending on how you look at it), conspiracy theories only become vitalized by social media advances. A theorist can reach more people.

I can't think of any off the top of my head, as I have never really been big on conspiracy theories. However I do find some of them fascinating and worth looking into. Some of history's mysteries make me wonder, although none of them surprise me--there will always be something strange or corrupt being projected onto those in leadership positions. 

Conspiracy theorist or not, we can all agree to one thing: The truth is out there. ;)

NPR had a story on how certain states-individuals strive to knock & keep

people down so those that profit can maintain their lifestyles> Just like they

have for thousand's of years thus all the ruins.


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