FAERIES! Do you believe in them? Do you follow the path? Are you curious? Have you seen one? Almost every country,island and region of the World have myths and legends of the Fey,Fae,Fairy,Faerie,etc,most think of Scotland and Ireland,however,there are Japaneses Fey,Hawaiian fey,Russuian Fey.ALL over!! Myself,I've had a long and interesting history with the faeries,some of the wee "friendlies",like the Scottish brownie and pixies and the warrior fey that have chosen to work with me......SO,what is YOUR belief in the Fey? Or experiences?

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i am going to try it again tonight .. asking of course... i felt like theyre trying to show me something. plus with my name being what it is.. I understood she dwealt with them for a very very long time.

giving em food for thought.
Morgaine walked between Worlds at will and when asked to return,did.
i kept asking a few times and i kept seeing the wildest faces that felt more like demons than anything else. they didnt seem that friendly.
Did you put the wards or shielding around you? Remember there are MANY sorts in the faerie realm,the good,the bad and the ugly.....ALWAYS make sure you are protected when venturing in and ASK politely for permissiin. You can be very specific too,on what or who you are seeking..Many fey are tricksters......and frankly,like fucking with new folks in the faerie reaalm at times.
Here you go GRAVEYARD GIRL!! PLEASE add here....your great tale of the banshees!
When I was little my sister and I were babysat by a lovelly old lady from ireland called Molly Bell. She told us that when her mother died, she and her family heard the most unearthly shrieking noise coming from outside their home. She went outside and looked for the source, already having a pretty good inkling of what she was hearing. She swore blind to my sister and I that when she looked up at the roof of her house she saw the banshee standing there, shrieking her mother's death to all within earshot.
This conversation came about when we were watching an old Disney Movie called "darby O'gill and the little people" and there is a scene where the Banshee appears. Poor Mrs Bell damn near had a heart attack on the couch at that scene. In her opinion it was one of the most realistic screen interpretations of the Banshee.
OH LOL.DABY O"GILL! I remember the scene......the beansidhes are generally with a certain family and/or clan always,and watch over them till their death,then keen and wail...
ANY copies of your card left???: How grande!! What kind of faeries do you believe them to be?
Could be about the pictures. I dont know. I have not ever taken a picture of the fey. Though I have had my picture taken and I have "seen": them.,also in a few other pictures of others....The warrior fey I work with decide who they contact with and know their own. ENJOY!
I love Faeries and I do believe I have some-I want to make a niceeage for them outside my bathroom windowI honor them and what should I put in their little garden-my cat won't hurt them will it? I have seen dead baby birds in the yard that Mr. Peanut attacked-poor birds. I'm sure he won't_ i am serious-I do believe in the faery folks.
A few months ago, at night, I seen twinkles of bright blue lights that I know it was them and luckly my hubby seen them too-so he knows what I saw.
I hope all is well with you and your loved ones-
They could eat your cat for breakfast if the choose,i wouldnt worry,tell your cat to watch HIS/HER ass....fey like flowers of most any kind blue roses which is the faerie flower,bluebells,daiseys,roses,and they like my herbs.Little treats and sparkley things.,for the garden variety. You could sit outside and read a faerie poem or story too,welcome them and let them know THEY are welcome,play some faerie enchantment music.
Here you go THYMEKEPER.....all about faeries


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