please serious inquiries ONLY. NO SPAM. NO TRASH TALK . if u have opinions and arent interested in becoming a student, keep ur mouth closed and move on please

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HI REV! What is a student AA and Student CC-D? I'm wondering?

Hey  Lass! Even  though someone already posted it is again


"Ipsissimus(10°=1□): Beyond the comprehension of the lower degrees. An Ipsissimus is free from limitations and necessity and lives in perfect balance with the manifest universe. Essentially, the highest mode of attainment. This grade corresponds to Kether on the Tree of Life. Ipsissimus is quite hard to translate directly from Latin to English, but it is essentially the superlative of "self", translating rather approximately to "His most Selfness," or "self-est." (c.f. generalissimo for the same superlative form in use for a grade from same latin root.)

Crowley named as a condition of this grade the trance Nirodha-samapatti,[16] which reduces heartbeat and other life functions to the bare minimum; evidence of this attainment is only achieved when the stool of the Master is manifested in the perfected Form of the thousand-petaled Sacred Lotus. Theravada Buddhist monks traditionally attain nirodha-samapatti by producing the aforementioned Formless States one after the other, and perceiving in each what they call the Three Characteristics of all existence: sorrow or tendency towards sorrow, change or unreliability, and insubstantiality or lack of self.[17] Crowley and the A∴A∴ however seek to replace this threefold view with the quest for balance as both a motive for discipline and the means of achieving their end goal.[18] In Liber B vel Magi they urge the Magus seeking further progress to identify the Buddhist Three Characteristics with the opposite states. "Wherein Sorrow is Joy, and Change is Stability, and Selflessness is Self." Crowley's version of nirodha includes "seeing first the truth and then the falsity of the Three Characteristics" according to his published theory[19] -- in other words, he uses the goal of Theravada to aid in the joyous affirmation of the Eternal return.

The Ipsissimus should keep the achievement of this final grade secret even from the rest of the Order and continue with the work of the Magus, while expressing the nature of an Ipsissimus in word and deed.[20]" as per the Wikipedia

 Not sure what the CCD student is...but the way he present his request is just totally out there...perhaps a  better approach would have been to introduce himself and then briefly explain a bit about the path and what specifically he is looking for. He was very vague and rude as far as I could see..   

Way over my head my friend! I enjoy sitting around my balefire and being a simple Celtic Earth Witch......though as one who teaches,mentors and continues to learn and be taught,i dont believe the approach of the laddie is going to work too well....especially,from what i read you have posted.....and what i have read by the OPS own words.......Have a grande day. Mayhaps I'll just sign up for a lesson....

Not sure what the CCD student is...


The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

I don't think he is in the topic anymore.  Wonder where he went.
Aye,well put,my friend......out to lunch,pherhaps?
maybe he skipped into another dimension?
IMO the more math that falls into magic the less magic it becomes.  Those numbers take up a lot of space in the gray matter of the brain.  It takes away space for things like belief and faith.  Learning it is onething.  In some cases the math and prestige becomes the diety itself.
well said granny
MAYHAPS why I simply hate math.....
So technically if I understood this reply correctly Caleb wasnt supposed to say anything to let the  world know he is is even of the order? Well...guess he isnt who he says he is the then.


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