I just recently started learning about Starseeds and Incarnated Angels, and there are potentially millions of people that are Incarnated Angels and Starseeds. It basically means that their soul comes from another planet or another Dimension.

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No,but I try to keep an open mind. The concept reminds me of Sailor Moon with the Star seeds from the other planets.

Awe I love sailor moon!!!  I am sending a Sailor Moon Pop to my sister this week lol

I know you've written this one month ago, so you probably won't even see this.  But you were also a Sailor Moon fan?  I loved that anime series SO MUCH as a toddler!  It's what got me into anime & Japanese pop culture in the first place.  OMG! I loved that series so much as a toddler.  It brings back so many pleasant memories.  (Well, actually, I only remember feeling great happiness. But still, it brought back the feelings.) 

I have never heard of them.

The "Starseed" phenomena is not a new concept...

I was in the middle of the "new age" movement , back in the '80s...

I was the one who got "Amber Essence" natural resin scent , across

the country at that time...other natural oils , as well...

Then , I worked with artists , and put on 5,000 sq ft ,

art shows in exhibition halls , outdoor gatherings , etc...

And , as I believe it was you who started a thread on

"Ascension" , I , as well , was the one who put on the art

show at the Ascension Gathering at Mt. Shasta , where they

built me a Woodhenge , with panels , so I could place art on

the panels , and statues at the gates...

And , of course , the "Lemurian Society" of Mt. Shasta ,

flipped out , accusing me of bringing "Atlantean Energy" to Mt. Shasta...sheesh...

So , I experienced years of being in the "Starseed" , "Ascension" , and many , many

other "new age" ideas , and knew many of the people espousing them...

Now that I have substantiated , hopefully , my ability to speak on this ,

with at least "some" authority...lol...;)

Back in that timeframe , there were the "Starseeders" , the "Walk - Ins" ,

the wars between "Sirians" , "Pleiadians" , "Dracos" , then along came the

"Indigo Children" , the "11-11" Solara folks , channelers like "Lazurus" , and

"Ramtha" , you would not believe the number of different ideas , groups ,

or beliefs , often at odds with each other...

So , what I am trying to say with all this...is if someone wants to believe

any of these , go right ahead...just keep your feet on the ground , and

use discretion...when one first begins to "wake up" all sorts of things seem

possible , and exploration of ideas is a good thing...

The danger is not staying grounded...focus on "Ascension" is only one direction...

"Embodiment" , and being in your body , on earth is just as important...

"Chop Wood , Carry Water" is not just a concept...it is a necessity , when one is

focusing on spiritual growth...a good day of hard work in the garden does

wonders to stay grounded...

But who am I to say anything ?

I believe in , and work with Faery , both those of Light and Shadow...LOL !

I wish there where more incarnate Angels. Here in central Florida we have hit rock bottom. After it gets hot and we get the doldrums then humans seem go nuts. I really wish we had starseeds. I hope we do.

see, i am with you.

I am a walk in incarnated special angel  who is a seed of the stars......

OH little one who has seen a minute spark of the universe HOW can we help your steps along the wonder pathway of enlightenment ..

it is an amazing and wonderful pathway that can span the eons and the creators of the universe..

YOU TOO can be part of it . for a low price of half your soul and your brain... 

To start the steps .. stand out in the moonlight of a full moon naked except for a small  piece of MOONROCK which you can obtain easily once you understand the meaning of life and the universe and are contacted by our amazing guides. 

You need a square of material .. or a shower curtain or bath towel will do inscribed with the letters WE LOVE YOU..  PLEASE take us away.. 

Wave this at the stars and video yourself  in your amazing first dance of the starseed warrior..

hop on one leg and chant  I LOVE THE UNIVERSE..

hop on the other and scream I LOVE YOU ET PLEASE COME HOME...

then breathe using the triple breath  yogic alien toe sucking breathe mode..

ALL OF THIS CAN BE YOURS..   just do this every week  until someone comes and takes you away


Really. Did your first soul want a walk in or does it happen by chance? For a while I really wanted a walkin but now I'm here and just keep going.

well famous writer Carl Sagan said , rather correctly that were all made of "star stuff" (same

elements and bldg. blocks stars are made of), we live on 'star' earth, from far enuff out in space?

earth's man made lights look like nothin' other than stars, then there are philosophers like alan watts

that says your not just 'in life' you are life!, your an expression of the universe and life itself, so what do you think? THen there are also theories like panspermia" , you can google that, that meteorites are not just empty rocks but have building blocks of life inside when they hit planets, so anyway, makes one ponder


ok.. a couple of corrections..  carl sagan said .. 

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.

now you got to take that in context..  HE did not mean we were starseeds as how starseeds are defined..  so you are misquoting here..   ALSO   alan watts said we are LIFE. but he did NOT define life as a crazy person stating that we are alien beings who are residing within  Humans on earth (starseeds).     Starseeds  was invented to explain people trying to tell the voices in their head that they ARE NOT THE BLOODY DROIDS that are being looked for............

your wandering diatribe of pontificating  grabbing of out of context words and sentences and YEGODS even CONCEPTS.. is sad..  YOu could take your paragraph and apply it to  lizard people or..  center of the world people. or whatever..   the thing is is that you are making a general commentary trying to twist what WILL NOT FIT..  have a nice day. 

I hear you. I don't mean we are little green men, or martians or neptune'ians on the inside, ha,

however, if we ever made it to another planet that had beings on it ? to them?, we would be star people, or aliens to them, from "star earth, or that blue star, or other star eh? its all matter of perspective. Maybe they were on THIER PLANET wondering if there could ever possibly be Other LIFE out there? Somewhere. Listen to all the ALan watts you can he explains all this stuf.


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