I just recently started learning about Starseeds and Incarnated Angels, and there are potentially millions of people that are Incarnated Angels and Starseeds. It basically means that their soul comes from another planet or another Dimension.

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I don't want to get stuck defending the starseed idea Will but I have heard your arguement against reincarnation before and it has an obvious flaw IMO.

For simplicity's sake, and to save wear and tear on my zero key, let's say there are 10 habitable worlds in the multiverse and 1000 souls available for incarnations. One planet has a boom and gets up to 700 souls, another planet gets smacked by an asteroid and only has two souls left, the other 298 are scattered across the other 8. Then half the souls die on the rock with 700 and the total population on the other 8 rocks increases to 846.
Based on the above, I think arguing against reincarnation based on the number of people alive today is nonsensical.

Ok separate topic, the termite clause. IF souls DO go through a progression of animals it doesn't automatically follow we get one reincarnation as each animal then move on to the next step. How many humans reach enlightenment in each lifetime? Looking around, I'd say souls go through a lot of repeats. I don't know what an enlightment termite looks like but if 999 out of 1000 termites come back as a termite, your argument doesn't hold water.

Maybe reincarnation is like the army, it doesn't matter how good you are, if there isn't an opening at the next level you are not getting promoted no matter what.

Im just pitching ideas.

Not saying one way or another.

Also your ignoring that some souls could potentially not reincarnate if they go straight to an after life. The post shows points for and against re incarnation also


Also your just looking at termites what about other insects and or animals? How many fish in the sea etc. I just find it fascinating and the fact that no system gives a hard system for it leaves it open to interpretation. Buddhisms says one thing other systems say another. 

Im simply trying to get a conversation going. 

Also thats not really how population booms work. Sometimes populations take a good while longer to recover then one or two generations. How fast a population takes to recover is largely based on if more men or more women died in the event and if the population allows for one partner to mate with or one man to have many wives etc.

Also with your 'thousand to one chance' argument there are a few billion humans on the planet but several trillion insects. So if one in a thousand is your number well . . . . I think its interesting. 

I'm literally just brain storming and throwing ideas out there also i was not saying that reincarnation from other worlds could be potentially more likely then most expect. 

Im not too worried about what if any systems for reincarnation are in place to be honest it fun to theorize and speculate. 

Though do check your math :3

you missed the point


A lot of people dying one place does not mean more people will be born in another place. 

If the north american continent experienced a horrendous plague killing off large parts of the population more babies in asia europe south america and africa would not be born as result. 

There would simply be less people on the planet. 

Nature does not care to balance the scales, shit just happens. 

I wasn't talking about population balance on a planet. I was talking about your argument against reincarnation as it applies to the starseed beliefs.

Personally I don't believe I am a starseed or an incarnated angel. I believe the concept gets "thrown around" a lot like the term "i love you." I do believe they exist however. For example, a lot of people in my neck of the woods claim to be starseeds and honestly, I don't think most of them are. Just my thoughts.

Surely. Now granted I am no expert whatsoever and I could very well be wrong, but from what I understand of starseeds, they just don't, for lack of a better word understand, the way our world works. I have read that they are often very anxious people who are usually pretty adapting to new technology. Those around me are quite the opposite. What have you read?

LOL! yes exactly that.

I used to be a starseed till I took a indigo child to the knee

Your post was hilarious. I believe I am a starseed also , I have been reincarnated FOUR times, its very confusing because my mind sometimes argues with this idea and I get floods of thoughts from other people.. I believe they mean well but it makes me sick. Unfortunately for my soul in this current life I was born into a strict Christian family. I believe this is because I served Satan in hell in my last life for QUITE sometime and as punishment and possibly for  me to learn a lesson I was reborn in a rural area with almost all Christian families. Unfortunately  that made more interested and in love with the idea of Satan and is Angels and it has never completely left me. Its a complicated life but I don't believe we choose it and I'm not sure who does. I know I was sure of it when I was dead but Now it is unclear., Do you have any ideas on who does it?? please write back.


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