I just recently started learning about Starseeds and Incarnated Angels, and there are potentially millions of people that are Incarnated Angels and Starseeds. It basically means that their soul comes from another planet or another Dimension.

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ummm I have listened to Alan Watts probably more  times than years you have been alive. LOL young whippersnapper and I really think you are misconstruing what he says.. I have a lot of respect for that man. but HE WAS NOT talking starseeds .......... He has a sardonic wit and sarcasm as well and is very much PROVE your walk and stance.. as much as explaining it.       Starseeds are whacked .. sorry. it is like  those indigo children..  I respect that you seem to be able to think. but.  starseeds .. REALLY?  

I think it matters less what you incarnated from last and more what you *DO* with the incarnation you have now. 

Past lives are fun to ponder during idle times but what about the life we have *NOW*?

first off define NOW................. as with quantum physics and new realms of spirituality NOW is seen to be a construct of the Industrial revolution and is a fallacy.     as well as DO..  DEFINE YOUR TERMS

What you are referring to is how the brain processes stimuli visual auditory tactile etc. 

Now refers to said stimuli as we perceive it in the present. Now in my earlier post referred to the present life time we are perceiving. 

It seems like you were trying to make a cute technicality *Sighs* 

However for giving your actual facts here is a gold star. 


Do note that i was more saying that what you incarnated from a past life into this one matters little compared to what you actually *DO* with the life you lead *NOW*. 

As far as 'now' is concerned it is the present life you are perceiving and experiencing while writing this. 

The most basic premise of 'time' within the realms of quantum physics since you brought it up. Is that the perception of it is relative to the perspective of the view and the speed at which they are traveling. This could be a very interesting topic to discuss however it only tangentially related to the topic at hand.

It seems your attempting to be 'humorously'  sardonic here as you branched off an a technicality with a fairly obscure view on why the word 'now' is a fallacy.

Without actually addressing the point i was obviously trying to make.  

*IF* you are actually wanting to have an in depth discussion on how theoretical quantum physics may affect metaphysics feel free to site all your sources when you post a new forum thread on the matter.

Otherwise please try to address or argue the point i was making. Most of this really should have gone without saying. 

Science tells us that our bodies are composed of atoms made in stars.

As for incarnations, according to the work of Edgar Cayce we can incarnate through various stars and planets as our experience dictates or requires. So, instead of thinking that such souls would be unique it would seem that we all do that.

I identify as a faery (fairy) starseed. Always had many astral experiences with the fae and learned about my spiritual origins from them.

There is a series called ancient aliens you may [hopefully] enjoy . . . . . thought it is a newer history channel documentary series where they lost a lot of credibility

Also chariots of the gods may prove to be a good read if you are interested in this sort of thing. 

Never said it was for me. Watched it with my parents saw your comment decided to give a suggestion. Simple as that spooky.

The following contains a number of assumptions as to the subject matter viewer discretion is advised. 

So lets talk numbers. There are thousands of potential habitable planets from our own perspective some more so then others. The fermi paradox is an interesting case study of this.

Here is a video explaining it rather simply in an understandable way. Please note that there is more to this theory then what is shown. There are two parts here is part 1. 

So assuming that beings from other dimensions and or worlds can incarnate into human vessels on earth lets begin. 

Given how many worlds there are and how many extinction class events have occurred on our own planet the likely hood of a *VAST* number of 'alien' souls 'in line' for re incarnation is very high. *IF* you apply the same logic to say another dimension then that number is even higher. 

*IF* we also assume that animals souls can incarnate into human vessels that number is staggeringly high. There are more termites then people on the planet, even if all of them don't incarnate into humans the number of them that could makes human into human incarnation itself unlikely. 

Various religious systems and subsystems on the 'laws' or 'rules' behind reincarnation some say that you work up from animal to human to enlightened and never reincarnate etc.

*Insert your own reincarnation belief system here

Now i have with termites made a good case for why earths own waiting line may be full. 

*HOWEVER* If you factor in the prevalence in the 'Abrahamic' faiths and assume that they do not reincarnate it skews the numbers a bit. And opens up a *LOT* of spots assuming each married 'abrahamic' couple has more then 2 children. 

Now lets say an earth sized world of relative size and population to our own exists. Lets say due to an asteroid caught in the gravity of the planet, shifting factors within the stars sun, etc there is an extinction class or near extinction class event. Would that not flood the 'system' if the inhabitants of that planet could be classed as 'human' souls for the purposes of *SOME* religious systems? 

Also consider an oceanic or aquatic world. Within our own history there was the 'great dying' event that lead to numerous aquatic species going extinct. Do you believe an even such as that even if it had little impact on the 'human' [if any is applicable] civilization on the planet could potentially lead to 'alien' souls reincarnating onto earth?

Given how loosely defined all of this is within most 'systems' it is hard to pin down and is naturally speculative but is fun to talk about. 

Could it also be that 'star seeds' would be the *MAJORITY* or 'norm' as opposed to a special minority? 

What are your thoughts?


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