Jung was the first psychologist to purpose the idea that humans have a collective consciousness to go along with a personal consciousness. The collective consciousness holds things that all humans know, and these things are represented with archetypes.


This is an occult theory in itself.  The idea that there is a mass consciousness that we all draw from.  And this idea is still around in theories in psychology. What do you think? opinions and thoughts?

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Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. I just got a collection of his books :). I'll have allot to study but I'll enjoy it

Jung was a student of Freuds. so yes. itll be very interesting lol

I think this is a very effective way to perceive the mechanisms of human interaction.


A facet of this that I employ is the proximity effect, although I use it more to influence  ( to the positive always ) the collective attitude regarding work projects and not for social inter-personnel relationships.


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