Hi Guys!

I just came out (as a Christian Witch) to a member of my Baptist Church, which I've been trying to do for over a year and a half. 
I've been terrified of the rejecting me, although they are lovely people, and I love them very much (we are quite a small, close-knit church, all friends) I still thought that religion would cause a ruckus! But I told someone, and they were understanding and are still very good friends with me. 
I explained that I've been brought up with Pagan beliefs and that I will always be Pagan, but I understand Christianity too, and want to be a part of it.
The only problem is, the pastor is rather old and set in his ways, and he hates Pagans!  (It is a youth church I go to) So does anyone have any ideas on how to 'break the news to him'???

Thanks eveyone! Love you all,
Silver Wolf

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The key is to get secure enough with the path your on not to be bothered by those who don't agree or get it. You are not going convince anyone who isn't open to the idea of it. If your church cannot accept or isn't comfortable with your mixed path then find a different church. I attend a church that does not mind and is not bothered by my pagan side. They may not be blending but they are fine that I am.

Well, darlin'...last time I checked, we live in AMERICA where freedom of religion is your basic human right!  I was brought up as a Bible-thumping Christian and when I left, they tried to exorcise the demons from me!  You DO NOT HAVE TO TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU BELIEVE!  If you do and they don't like it, then move on!  They are not the right vibration for you, anyway.  Seeking the approval of others is a very Christian addiction, you don't see that so much with Pagans since they cherish their freedom.  I hope you are strong enough in your Paganism that you won't let others who don't share your beliefs to tear you down.  Enjoy the freedom that this country offers you and go live your life, Blessed Be!

As a christian witch, what exactly is it that you believe

Well, first of all, I consider myself an EX-Christian.  I do not associate with Christians in any meaningful capacity.  From all the historical evidence I've found, there WAS a man named Jesus and he was pretty radical in his thinking, he was the Mozart of Judaism.  He welcomed women into his philosophy, he was a humanist and he was a radical thinker!  (Which is why they crucified him.)  But if you read the Nag Hammadi scriptures (the parts of the bible which were left out thanks to Emperor Constantine) you'll find that Jesus PRACTICED MAGICK!  And he wasn't such a nice little boy, he had to learn to control his powers and use them for good.  It's amazing that people make it through Divinity School and still have faith because when you learn all the dirty little secrets about Christianity, it's quite embarrassing and you end up feeling like you've been lied to...which you have.

I believe that there is a Higher Power and that there are various means of accessing it.  I've experimented with it for 37 years now and I'm finding some real Truths that remain the same no matter what.  A lot of what Jesus actually said remains true..."Ask and ye shall receive."  That works if you know how to ask properly.  I get a strong feeling that Jesus was a Magician.  I don't believe he died for my sins, I don't believe I need saving.  Hope that answers your question.  We are all trying to find our way along this path.  You have to look, try, experiment and find out what is true for YOU.

I have to agree with you about jesus being a magickian, the so called miracles that are in the bible are just sanctioned magick. But what I was asking is, spiritually what do you believe

I am well aware of that Spooky, I know that there are many branches of magick. but what do you mean by a tent revival?

thank you for the link. You're correct, I think, These people are certainly using magick probably without even realizing it. If you told them that however, they would get angry.  ;) 

Do not take influences from "neo-pagans" exclusively; they make sh*t up.

So does everybody else, including all the traditions you mentioned. The fact that something is (supposedly) old or traditional does not make it better than something new, like Wicca.

back to the snakes for a moment, do we know for sure that they are being abused


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