Hi Guys!

I just came out (as a Christian Witch) to a member of my Baptist Church, which I've been trying to do for over a year and a half. 
I've been terrified of the rejecting me, although they are lovely people, and I love them very much (we are quite a small, close-knit church, all friends) I still thought that religion would cause a ruckus! But I told someone, and they were understanding and are still very good friends with me. 
I explained that I've been brought up with Pagan beliefs and that I will always be Pagan, but I understand Christianity too, and want to be a part of it.
The only problem is, the pastor is rather old and set in his ways, and he hates Pagans!  (It is a youth church I go to) So does anyone have any ideas on how to 'break the news to him'???

Thanks eveyone! Love you all,
Silver Wolf

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I was worried about that. But I've been told one of the people in charge (one of the people I've told) that my path is my choice and she accepts it, and that I am always welcome with them.
I'm just not looking forward to trying to tell him, I do worry he will try to get me out, or he wiill 'pray for me to become fully Christian', he's really into praying for people to become Christians! lol
Yeah :(
that's funny what is this the year 1526 he probably won't approve though i would find a different church start scoping out other places that accept you before i spilled the beans
Silver Wolf, my friend, how nice to see you. It's been a while.
Just go so very slowly with whom you tell. Devout christians can be quiet, well devout and unyelding.
Blessings to you and yours,
I dont know my understanding of whats going on in this country is this. I saw a special on CNN, I forgot what it was but it was about religions who mix their religion and they said Christianity is starting to mix their faith with other faiths its becoming more accepted.

So my thinking is that many Christian churches by there beliefs would honestly say keep them from accepting a mix of Paganism and Christianity.Back in the 80s in the good old days of The Great Satan Scare, our old Assembly Of God youth group and also Church On the Rock would have an exorcism if you ahd told them that. But in todays time and age with all the mixing of religions I think that some even conservative churches like yours may or may not accept it, maybe they feel like thats what they want to do, but in order to keep people in the church they maybe forced to accept it. I have no idea if thats what your church is doing I dont know them you do so I cant judge. It is possible for the church to somewhat outwardly accept such a statement from you while inwardly praying against it.

But that doesnt mean you shouldnt stay there, sometimes people becoming open to new ideas takes peopel like yourself to put their foot down and stay even though you may not feel like your wanted there, like maybe its like making a statement, its trying to change things for the better. its a positive thing in other words so good luck.
I see your opinion and to some degree I can agree with it. Ive heard this from Christaisn and Pagans and I understand it, Christainity is different then Paganism and the bible teaches against Paganism, most Christians also think that being Christian and another religion is against Christianity as well.

To me in my eyes, it depends on what you MEAN by Christian Witch. This is just my opinion, it doesnt make it so, its an opinion make of it what you like ok. So for the person who started this thread, bottom line if you live in America we do have freedom of religion and in reality whatever youd decide is up to you noone can make the descision the main thing is can you live with your descision and are you happy with it?

But my theory is this. The Bible does say in the old testament and really it is also proclaimed in the new as well but basically it says " Hear oh israel the Lord your God is one God in him only shalt you serve."

To me I think it matters what you mean by Christian Witch. Do you mean your worshipping and serving two entirely different Gods or God systems? To me that would be very confusing, its hard for me to swallow that as well, Praising Jesus and God and also the Gods and Godesses of Pagan religions.

On the other hand when your talking about Mystical Christianity thats a different thing. Also for the Christian Witch who serves the Christian God but chooses to work magic cast spells and work the Tarot Card Astrology and whatever else. Thats also different, to me i think its possible to do that without the confusion and maybe a more workable situation then what I previously mentioned.I know the Bible does say especially in the old testament it speaks out against the keeping of seasons and also astrology and casting spells and calling up the dead. However,
the Bible is very very contradictory on those type of issues. Its suppose to be against Astrology but yet the Wise men who went to see Jesus were supposedly Magi or astrologers they found Jesus by following the stars period. There are 12 Decsciples and 12 signs of Astrology. It talks about the age of the fish the fish sign in the new Testament thats astrological too.

Jesus working miracles thats very mystical as well, supernatural healing very very mystical as well.

I see it as being more Mystical and not so much Pagan, I also think Jesus was raised up in Egypt primarily and in Egyptian Jews were Mystical Egyptian jews studied the Kabbalah I believe if Im correct?

Also Im in the Unitarian Universalist church, in that church you can pretty much put together whatever two or 3 religion or how many other religiosn you in anyway shape or form you want and it would be ok, but UU isdifferent then any other church you pretty much do what you want there regardless, but I think of UU as being a religion in itself.I really kind of think of UU as being its own religion therefore if I were studying both Christainity and Witchcraft in UU I would think of myself as a UU Christian Witch, so being a UUer comes first more or less but thats just me, its not a rule theres no rules in my church period.

But all of that is just an opinion its not something you need to go by or anyone else its just the way I see it but as I said before bottomline its not what Im comfortable with its your program you just need to do what you need to do and dont listen to,other people.
Very well put elizabeth. There is a real distinction between Wicca and witchcraft, the two are not necessarily synonymous.
And thus youve just expressed my exact opinions exactly. Jesus performed miracles and healed people thus these were gifts, and can be developed and are to some degree mystical gifts. So was the Astrology used by the Wise men, right, casting spells is also miraculous and so is being able to interpret tarot and reading runes and eevrything else, Christain witchcraft from this viewpoint seems to make sense. Thats good, using the gifts we have...........
Be very careful here, dear. I tried to say the very same thing once on here and..... well.....just be careful lol I agree with you...and I don't agree with you. The way I was raised in christianity would state that there is no way one can be both. However, over the past year of deepening my pagan spirituality, I have come to realize two things: 1. I don't believe much anymore of what the bible says...I don't believe ANY of it actually, FOR ME. 2. Spiritually, we are what we believe we are. If someone has found a path that works for them, so be it! Let us be happy for them and congratulate them on finding what so many don't in christianity...a path that includes more than one way!
you are so right you got to remember the bible was written by MAN and it was written in a time when people were criticized and tortured for farting and not admitting it was their fault
Right. LOL
LOL! Not nice...lol


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