I've had a situation come up having to do with thieving. As in, I was stolen from. Any advice for how to accomplish this with limited resources and a *maybe* good focus object?

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I would go for justice. Karma is supposed to effect someone in their next life.

Agree.  Karma is very often misunderstood in our community. Justice and/or a spell to return the lost object would make much more sense.

Greetings  Onca

I am sorry to learn you have been stolen from, did you report it to the Police?  Was it insured?.

If you are the kind of pagan who would "harm none", then working towards the return your item would be the way forwards.  

If you are the kind of pagan who isn't strictly a "harm none" one then maybe working towards teaching them the error of their ways may be a better way to go about it.

I cannot advise you more directly without more information about the situation and your beliefs/practices.

I generally stay completely away from anything about stealing things. Spirits are really stupid when it comes to objects and your just as likely  to get some really bad :returns from them as getting them to do anything when it comes to stealing. Basically I have had numerous greys etc steal and relocate drugs and keys in my life and it seems to take them hours to get over it.

"In real Witchcraft, there are no rules. Morality and ethics are situational and dependent upon the culture, upbringing, and personal philosophy of the Witch. There are times, such as when danger is imminent, that the Witch must take defensive action. It is not evil to protect yourself, your family, and your community. The competent Witch learns to work within the balance of nature and the tides of magic."
-- Christian Day
There are ways to deal with people like that. Karma is always a possibility, but takes it's sweet time. Personally, I choose spells that make the person think twice in the future.


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